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ALL Mobilizes Pro-Life Youth and Protects Them from Perverted Education

American Life League kicked off National Pro-Life T-Shirt Week with a bang. Photos of pro-life youth completing tasks for the annual photo challenge have been pouring in. Roll Call picked up on the Congressional photo challenge-bonus task #500-and interviewed ALL’s NPLTW project manager Rey Flores in the process.

An Active Week in the Fight against Planned Parenthood

This week, the legislature in the state of Michigan added a restriction to the state’s budget bill which states that any organization-like Planned Parenthood-that allows abortions will not be able to receive any state funding. In the past, Planned Parenthood received as much as $700,000 from the state. Although the legislators have shut that money down, the language in the budget bill will prevent any government official from circumventing the will of the legislature and of the citizens of Michigan.

Join American Life League at the 2015 March for Life

By Rob Gasper
We are one week away from the 2015 March for Life. Thousands of pro-lifers make the trip each year to DC from all corners of the country, often braving snow and frigid temperatures, to give witness to the 57 million human lives killed by abortion.

Valparaiso Youth Wins National Contest

American Life League honors Emilija Lapas, winner of the National Pro-Life T-Shirt Week poster contest. This event raises awareness of the national tragedy caused by abortion and the recurring violation of intrinsic human rights.