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Whom Can You Trust?

Social networks were set on fire Tuesday as the House Oversight Committee entertained the testimony of Cecile Richards, president of the nation’s largest abortion chain.

The Power of One

In the early 1900s a young woman set out on a mission to make birth control an acceptable practice and rid the world of the weak, the disabled, and the unwanted—those she and her cohorts deemed unfit to live. This woman, Margaret Sanger, changed the course of history. She pushed for, and saw before her death, the legalization of birth control. She founded Planned Parenthood—the organization responsible for the destruction of millions upon millions of tiny human beings’ lives through abortion and contraception. Margaret Sanger was clearly committed to her evil cause, leaving behind a haunting legacy of promiscuity, birth control, and abortion.

Evil Incorporated v. Freedom of Speech

David Daleiden is president of the Center for Medical Progress. David and his courageous organization have recently released two undercover videos exposing the horrific truth that Planned Parenthood sells the “parts and pieces” of the children it murders through abortion for profit.