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Pro-Life This Week – October 19, 2018

Week in Review – Telemedicine abortions and abortion by mail

The abortion industry released a plan in the past couple of weeks on how it plans to make abortion more accessible in the United States. The plan relies on the abortion pills misoprostol and mifepristone. Groups like Planned Parenthood want to establish telemedicine (webcam) abortions in more and more states, as it is much harder for pro-lifers to stop these types of abortions.

In related news, The Atlantic reports that Women on Web’s founder, Rebecca Gomperts, is starting a new service, called Aid Access, to ship abortion pills to American women. Gomperts, a Dutch physician, will fill the prescriptions herself and send them through an Indian pharmacy directly to customers’ homes in the US. Gomperts claims that, as abortion becomes more difficult to access in the US due to new restrictions in states, she has been swamped with requests from women hoping to use her service. She said that she has sent pills to about 600 women since launching the new service six months ago. Obviously, this development presents a major new problem for those who are trying to save the lives of preborn children. We encourage all of you to make this scheme known to the general public and to elected officials so that a way can be found to stop this grisly business. Currently, 19 states require that the clinician providing a medication abortion be physically present during the procedure, thereby prohibiting the use of telemedicine to prescribe medication for abortion remotely. These laws should be expanded to include a prohibition on “abortions by mail.” In addition, other states should pass these laws to protect their citizens and put an end to both Planned Parenthood’s and Gomperts’ plans.

In our Action Item last week, we encouraged you to see the Gosnell movie. Well, according to reports from the movie industry, last weekend Gosnell was the #1 indie film in terms of box-office sales. More surprisingly, it came out in the #10 spot of all films at the movies. It was shown in 676 movie theaters. All of this despite a blackout of news of the film by most major media. Because of those results, it will still be in many of the theaters this weekend. If you have not seen it, we encourage you to do so.

As more and more states across the country begin to defund Planned Parenthood, the news media are trying to make one piece of data significant. Both in Texas and in Iowa, media reports highlight that, since the defunding of Planned Parenthood, the number of contraceptives paid for under state programs has declined. This is then decried as a bad thing. It is not. There are three main reasons for this.

  • First, 90 percent of the so-called contraceptives actually kill babies in the womb by preventing implantation. Less contraceptives means less human beings killed in the womb.
  • Second, so-called contraceptives hurt women. It is general knowledge that contraceptives lower a woman’s immune system, change the acidity level of cervical mucous and allow viruses to enter her body that could not otherwise get in. They also cause blood clots, deep vein thrombosis, and pulmonary embolisms. Less contraceptives means healthier women.
  • Finally, using contraceptives is telling God that He is about to create a child, but you know better. You are going to prevent God from making a mistake by creating another unique human being in His image. Less contraceptive use means more trust in God and acceptance of His will in our lives.

ALL in the News – Important comments on the Catholic Church crisis

Judie Brown’s commentary this week, BILGE FOR THE MODERN WORLD: Abortionists, Pope Francis, and Cardinal Wuerl, is about the current crisis in the Catholic Church and takes a detailed look at Pope Francis’ apparent whitewash of Cardinal Donald Wuerl’s actions and motives.

Jim Sedlak will be in El Paso, Texas, next week meeting with leaders in the fight against Planned Parenthood and speaking at a Town Hall event.

Jim Sedlak’s Pro-Life Activism from Creation to Deathis a weekly talk-radio program on the Radio Maria USA network. It can be heard live every Friday at noon (Eastern Time) and is repeated on Saturdays (10 PM) and Mondays (10 PM).

Video of the Week – Boston Children’s Hospital Hires its First Employee with Down Syndrome

Action Item of the Week – 18 days to a better (or worse) America

Eighteen days from today, Americans will be making decisions that will keep us moving toward a culture of life, or damn us to a resumption of the out-of-control culture of death.

In the last two years, the pro-life movement has made modest gains in Washington, DC. Incredibly, two new Supreme Court justices—Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh—have been confirmed. Both took their seats with the hopes of the pro-life movement that, if given the chance, they would recognize the scientific fact of the humanity of the preborn child. Such recognition will give these human beings the protection of the 14thAmendment and have them treated in law as the persons they really are. We pray they don’t become more like now-retired Justice Anthony Kennedy.

There are other pro-life goals that have not, yet, been realized. Among the most public of these is the defunding of Planned Parenthood. On this, the House has been strongly on our side, while the Senate has not. A full defunding of Planned Parenthood will need 60 votes in the senate. We are not close to that number. As you saw with the Kavanaugh confirmation process, we are lucky to get even 51 votes in the Senate.

In 18 days, there will be an opportunity to change that.

On Election Day, November 6, a total of 34 seats in the Senate will be filled. Nine of those seats are currently occupied by individuals who can generally be counted on to oppose Planned Parenthood funding. The other 25 are not. The math is simple—we need to keep the nine and get as many of the remaining 25 as we can. If we don’t get at least 15 anti-Planned Parenthood individuals elected to these 25 seats, babies will continue to die.

You have a job to do. In the next 17 days, you need to get to know the candidates for the US Senate in your state and determine which one will most likely vote against Planned Parenthood funding. Then, you need to work for that person’s election and, on the 18thday, vote for him or her at the polls.

If YOU do not take the time to do this, then you are part of the problem. This is NOT the time to be complacent or give up. This is the time to be active and to investigate, to speak out, and to vote.

Of course, do not forget the House races. We need to maintain the majority we have in that 435- member body.

The preborn children are depending on YOU. Do not let them down.

Pro-life Social Media – Put a Pro-Life Pumpkin on Your Porch

Carving pumpkins this weekend? Perhaps you need some pro-life ideas for your jack-o-lanterns. We’ve collected a batch of pumpkin pictures to help you get your porch decorated in time for Halloween.

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