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Pro-Life This Week: October 7, 2022

On Monday of this week, Planned Parenthood announced it will roll out a mobile abortion facility in the form of a 37-foot RV. The Associated Press reported Planned Parenthood plans to operate the RV on the border of Illinois, which has codified abortion into its state constitution. 

The RV will service abortion-restricted states that neighbor Illinois, such as Missouri, Kentucky, and Tennessee. The RV will serve as a “murder-mill-on-wheels,” as it plans offer chemical abortions up to 11 weeks and hopes to introduce surgical abortion in the coming months. 

This is a perfect example of why abortion restrictions are NOT a pro-life solution. Planned Parenthood is crafty; it will always find a way to commit abortion violence where there is even the slightest opportunity. 

As pro-lifers and Christians, we need to counter this abhorrent attack on innocent life with life-affirming education. An abortion RV should never be an option for a well-informed expectant mother who knows there are resources and people who can and will help her when faced with an unplanned pregnancy. 

American Life League has served for decades as the nation’s leading source of sound, Catholic, pro-life education materials. The “Learn” section of our website  provides valuable education for people of all ages to learn about human development and Catholic social teaching on important issues. 

Organizations like Heartbeat International’s Option Line are a resource dedicated to helping the expectant mother find people who can offer her real help. Options include connecting her with a crisis pregnancy center, and even offers a 24/7 help- line with life-affirming care. 

Good Counsel Homes has a website dedicated to helping mothers—before or after birth—find a maternity home near them. This offers women a real solution with help for them and help with raising their unplanned babies. 

These are just a few of the great and life-affirming options available to women. Others include Safe Haven Laws or local Safe Haven drop boxes

It is our duty to share this information as much as possible, especially as pill abortions, and now mobile abortions, are on the rise after Roe

ALL in the News1819 News Covers MBW Story; CLM Blog in Catholic World Report

This week, ALL’s Marian Blue Wave (MBW) program director announced that its last mega facility intention is in Alabama. While the facility itself does not commit abortions on-site, staff has been directing women to other clinics using “patient navigators” to get the abortions done. This story was featured on the news site 1819 News

Celebrate Life Magazine editor Susan Ciancio writes a blog once a week. The blog features topics ranging from helpful Christian insight to current events. This week’s blog was featured as an op-ed on Catholic World Report

Twice a week, Judie’s commentaries are distributed to an expansive media list. The list contains over 100 media outlets, such as Fox News, The Federalist, Breitbart, and The Daily Caller, among others. Judie’s commentaries are each featured on the front page of Each commentary is also featured as a part of Judie’s recurring column on Renew America

Republicans on Capitol Hill are working to pass a federal limit on killing preborn children not older than 14 weeks. Preborn babies 14 weeks and younger—they didn’t make the Republicans’ cut. We at American Life League find these proposals disgusting. Who gave lawmakers the power to decide who lives and who dies? These proposals are not surprising. Elected officials have been playing politics with vulnerable human lives without thinking of the eternal consequences of their actions.  

Calling all middle and high school kids! The Culture of Life Studies Program is sponsoring a pro-life essay contest in October! 

What an amazing way to grow in faith! What an amazing way to grow as a human being!

Due to high demand and because we know how important it is to hone the ability to articulate pro-life beliefs, we have brought the contest back! 

This year, our contest is just for middle and high schoolers. There will be two age categories (middle school is 5th through 8th grade, and high school is 9th through 12th grade) with one prompt for each category. 

The prompts, the rules, the prizes, and all the details are posted NOW! Students have until November 1st to submit thearian ir essays. 

Good luck to all! See the rules and prizes here!

It’s hard to find a vice-president as unappealing and unpopular as Kamala Harris. After her own party rejected her during the primaries, she chose to play the race card, which unwittingly was a condemnation of Democratic voters. 

Kamala sees herself as a champion of “reproductive rights,” better known as preborn-child killing. Attempts by Republican-led state legislatures to ban the killing have put them in Kamala’s crosshairs. 

Kamala’s fake outrage crystallizes her approach to crime during her time as California attorney general.   Why should criminals go to jail for committing crimes? “Criminalizing doctors” sounds hyperbolic until you remember that Democrats rallied to punish health care workers who refused to get poked by an experimental vaccine.

The less she does, the better off we are.