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Pro-Life This Week – July 20, 2018

Week in Review – Phony website; Good news in Virginia; Title X victory; and HR 681.

The anti-life forces have created a phony website. The website is made to look like one of a government agency—the Department of Reproductive Control. There is no such entity, but the pro-aborts are spinning everything on this phony site to make pro-lifers and conservatives look ridiculous. We’re letting you know about so you will be prepared when someone brings it up in conversation or, worse yet, refers to it in your local news media. The site repeats many times in bold type, “Everything on the site is true, except for the name of the organization.” That statement itself is false. There is nothing useful in the rhetoric that fills this insulting site.

The pro-abortion attorney general in Virginia surprised many this week when he said that his department would defend five anti-abortion laws that have been in place, some for decades, in the state. The abortion industry had filed a lawsuit against the state attempting to have laws declared unconstitutional. As National Right to Life pointed out, Juristreported, the five laws challenged by the Virginia League of Planned Parenthood and several abortion clinics around the state included requirements that:

  1. Second trimester abortions must be performed in a hospital;
  2. Abortions must only be performed by a physician;
  3. Medical facilities providing more than four first trimester abortions per month must undergo strict licensing requirements;
  4. Patients must undergo an ultrasound and counseling 24 hours before an abortion, requiring them to make two trips to a clinic; and
  5. Abortion is a class-4 felony if the requirements are not followed.

It is speculated that the attorney general decided to defend the laws after Republican elected officials in the state threatened to hire outside counsel to defend the laws if the attorney general wouldn’t.

The abortion industry lost in court this week when a federal judge sided with the Trump administration that the Department of Health and Human Services has the right to change the process of how Title X money is disbursed without having to go through a public comment period. Three Planned Parenthood organizations had joined with the National Family Planning & Reproductive Health Association in a lawsuit to block Trump administration guidelines on how grants for family planning funds would be awarded. The judged ruled they were wrong.

Two more members of the House of Representatives became co-sponsors of HR 681—the Life at Conception Act. That brings the number of members of the House to co-sponsor this bill to 150. If you read the bill, you will see that it is a straightforward, uncomplicated bill that simply says that a human being’s life begins at the first moment of his or her existence and that all constitutional rights, including the right to life, are vested in each human being from his or her very beginning. This is a bill that every pro-life organization in the country should get behind. If passed, it will destroy the basis for all the anti-life court decisions that have been handed down in the last 50 years.

ALL in the News – American Life League continues to speak out on important topics.

Judie Brown’s article, Written on the Heart, explains why “when man chooses to exercise his free will and deny God and His laws, he begins the process of deadening his conscience.”

Jim Sedlak will have Monica Miller, one of the leaders of Red Rose Rescue, on his radio show this Friday to talk about recent successful rescues. Monica just completed a 33-day prison time for caring about women and saving babies.

ALL’s STOPP International published an article, Planned Parenthood closes Indiana Center, which gives a detailed account of pro-life activity that educated key individuals and an entire community to cut Planned Parenthood’s customers by 50 percent and force it to close down in Fort Wayne, IN.

Jim Sedlak’s Pro-Life Activism from Creation to Deathis a weekly talk radio program on the Radio Maria USA network. It can be heard live every Friday at noon (Eastern Time) and is repeated on Saturdays (10 PM) and Mondays (10 PM).

Pro-life Social Media – Seven Prayers to Screencap to Your Smartphone

Let’s face it. We’ve all put off introducing traditional prayers into our daily devotions at one time or another. Maybe you taped a prayer to your computer screen, but you never found the right opportunity to pray it. Or you tucked a novena in your wallet long ago, and now the edges are as fuzzy as a newborn kitten. Consider putting the prayers as an image on your phone.

Below are seven prayers and devotions you could add to your Smartphone’s photo gallery. That way, you’ll carry the prayer with you at all times.

Click on each image to enlarge it and capture it to your phone.

Video of the Week – 3-year-old cancer survivor is flower girl at bone marrow donor’s wedding

Skye is 3-years-old and has been battling a rare cancer all her life. She received a life-saving bone marrow transplant from Hayden Ryals, who signed up as a donor while walking to class in college. Some years later, Hayden asked Skye to be the flower girl in her wedding.

Action Item of the Week – Deadline approaching fastaction needed immediately!

It is ESSENTIAL that every person reading this Action Item submit comments on the Protect Life Rule and encourage all your friends, family, fellow activists, etc., to submit comments as well.

THE DEADLINE TO SUBMIT COMMENTS IS JULY 31!!!!  If this rule is finalized and goes into effect, Planned Parenthood has indicated it will not comply—meaning Planned Parenthood will lose its second largest funding stream—its $60 million slush fund for advertising and client recruitment.

You know the United States Senate is refusing to take government money away from Planned Parenthood. This is your chance to do what the Senate will not do. Help the Trump administration to implement this new rule by posting, and having your entire social circle post, positive comments on the Protect Life Rule.

To submit your comments directly go to this link:

Don’t know what this is all about? The rule is explained in detail at the link above and it even will give you the name of a person at DHHS you can call with any questions you have.

In addition, please ask your grassroots, social networks and everyone else you know to submit comments in favor of the rule. They can do so using the link above, or you can direct them to a form letter at

All comments MUST be submitted in the next 10 days. DO NOT DELAY.