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Pro-Life This Week June 21, 2024

Week in Review

YMCA Press Release Garners Media Attention; What Should the Average Gym-Goer Do?

ALL’s press release on the YMCA has made its rounds in the media this week. National director Katie Brown was a guest on three major media outlets in the last few days speaking to the various hosts about the Charity Watchlist’s findings. 

The YMCA was called out by the Charity Watchlist for not practicing what it preaches. The organization claims “to put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.” However, the organization has a documented history of promoting and enshrining anti-family and anti-Christian values, namely, allowing fully naked men to share the same bathrooms as teenage girls. 

Several of these instances were documented by ALL’s research:

These instances placed the YMCA in the Watchlist’s red category. 

The common question from media hosts and supporters alike was, what can people do about this? 

On air with OANNIn the Market with Janet Parshall, and From the Median, Katie recommended several action items for the average gym-goer or just the concerned citizen. Here is a list of several items people can do:

  • Call your local YMCA and inquire about its bathroom policy. If it allows biological males to go in the women’s bathroom or locker room (or vice versa), take your business elsewhere.
  • Pen a respectful but informative letter to the YMCA headquarters and to your local YMCA to tell them why you are taking your business elsewhere.
  • Do some research in your area and support a local gym that does not have or support transgender bathroom policies.

To make an impact with your money, you must do more homework, but dollars and cents speak louder than anything else to these companies. 

To access the full Charity Watchlist, click here.

Planned Parenthood’s Newest Sex Ed Scheme Targets Juveniles in Jail

In a shocking interview article with Yes! magazine last week, it was revealed that Planned Parenthood is targeting another demographic of young people with its perverse sex education, and this time, it’s young teenagers in jail. 

Cristobal De La Cruz, a “health educator” with Planned Parenthood of Orange and San Bernardino Counties, detailed in his interview with Yes! that he teaches Planned Parenthood’s sex education material via workshop sessions to males ages 12-18 who are incarcerated in juvenile hall in Orange County, California. 

The article explains that as a young adult himself, De La Cruz is “still young enough to blend in” with the young men in jail through culturally relevant and age-appropriate discussions. That is, until he pulls out a condom and shows the young men how to use one. According to the article, “De La Cruz will guide them in lessons about anatomy and pregnancy, birth control and sexually transmitted infections. He also explores healthy relationships and the pitfalls of toxic masculinity.”

Immediately following this sentence about supporting healthy relationships and avoiding toxic masculinity, the article states, “But the fun really begins when De La Cruz pulls the condom out of his pocket.” De La Cruz shares this antidote about his workshops: “I start off with asking them what the first step is,” and according to the article, the answer is not “get the girl or buy the condom. . . . The first step, he tells them, is consent.” 

You read that correctly. Rather than educating and encouraging these young men to make better behavioral decisions and providing them with the support they need to do so, Planned Parenthood encourages these young men to engage in “fun” sex by using condoms. 

The article goes on to describe Planned Parenthood workshop’s session called the Male Involvement Program, which explores birth control, STI testing, and engaging in behaviors often not considered with masculinity. From the sounds of its workshop sessions, Planned Parenthood appears to be educating men on how to be disengaged and cowardly with women by putting them on the pill, engaging in sex with multiple women and having to be tested for infections as a result, and denying the positive traits of masculinity that allow them to protect and defend the dignity of the women in their lives.

While Planned Parenthood hopes to reach 300 young men by the end of this month and expand its facilities in San Bernardino County, STOPP is asking you to help us spread the word about this program so we can work to keep Planned Parenthood away from our children and teenagers.

ALL in the News

ALL’s latest press release blasted the YMCA for promoting and encouraging dangerous bathroom policies that put young girls in danger. This week Katie Brown, ALL’s national director, was a guest on One America News NetworkIn the Market with Janet Parshall, and From the Median with Molly Smith. 

The latest STOPP report was published this week. Access the information and articles here.

Susan Ciancio, editor of Celebrate Life Magazine and director of the Culture of Life Studies Program, wrote an op-ed on the Dobbs anniversary entitled “5 Things Pro-Lifers Have Learned in the Two Years Since Dobbs.” It was published by Mercator. 

Twice a week, Judie’s commentaries are distributed to an expansive media list. The list contains over 100 media outlets such as Fox News, The Federalist, Breitbart, and The Daily Caller, among others. Judie’s commentaries are each featured on the front page of 

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Pretend Pastor Thinks Jesus Would Bless Those Who End Pregnancies

Progressivism acts like a virus infecting the mind. It devours reason, morals, and sensibility and replaces it with perverse versions of compassion. While its adherents seek to infect others with their false ideas on social media, the worst offenders spew it from the pulpits of American houses of worship. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing, leading their flock to the fiery gates of hell with false teachings.

If Jesus, Himself, stepped out of His heavenly kingdom for a moment to appear to this woman and rebuke her, what are the chances she would accuse Him of misogyny and intolerance? Marxist preachers worship progressivism rather than the one, true God.

Spot on.