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Cecile Is Already Working on Primary Victories. Are You?

Last week we told you about the unconfirmed reports of the resignation of Planned Parenthood president, Cecile Richards, and of the need to get involved in the 2018 election process.

We pointed out that we cannot wait until November and that we must all get involved in the primary elections. We told you that you can find a list of the primary schedule for every state here.

And then we pointed out that the first primary election will take place in Texas on March 6, then another in Illinois on March 20.

Twelve states have primaries in May, while another 15 have primaries in June. Thus, by the end of June, over half of the states have already decided the choice of candidates you will have on the November ballot.

Well, Richards has since made her departure official. She has resigned her position as president of Planned Parenthood and will officially leave her job sometime in 2018. The exact date will be determined after she meets with the Planned Parenthood Board of Directors (reportedly a meeting scheduled for this weekend).

In interviews and speeches, Richards has made clear where she will dedicate her energies. She will work hard to get pro-abortion politicians, especially pro-abortion women, elected to all levels of government—especially Congress.

Make no mistake, in the political arena, Richards is an A-class organizer and a formidable foe. To defeat her will take a combination of prayer and action. And defeat her we must.

This week we are renewing our call for pro-lifers in every state to rise up NOW and make sure pro-life candidates are elected in every district to every office.

People in Texas have only four weeks until the primaries.

Those of you in Illinois have just six weeks.

Please do not delay. Don’t let Cecile Richards get baby killers elected to office.