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Home » News » Vatican’s Social Justice Arm Caught Providing Leadership to Communist, Pro-Abortion Organization

Vatican’s Social Justice Arm Caught Providing Leadership to Communist, Pro-Abortion Organization

Catholics urged to contact Cardinal Maradiaga, head of Caritas Internationalis

Washington, DC—According to a just-released American Life League Report, Caritas Internationalis, the Vatican’s top social justice organization, is providing leadership to a radically pro-abortion, communist organization.

Evidence, from both primary sources and explosive video, highlights ALL’s report showing conclusively that the World Social Forum is a radically communist and pro-abortion organization pushing for world revolution. According to both internal and primary documents, Caritas Internationalis has held a position of leadership in the World Social Forum from its inception.

Michael Hichborn, host of American Life League’s ALL Report, stated, “This is a very serious problem.  Given how intimately connected the World Social Forum has been with the promotion of communism, abortion, and homosexuality since the very beginning, it’s impossible to see how any Catholic can participate in it, or even speak positively about it, let alone have any involvement in its governance. But Caritas Internationalis does!”

American Life League is urging Catholics to prayerfully and respectfully contact Cardinal Maradiaga, the current president of Caritas, and ask him to completely disaffiliate Caritas from the World Social Forum.

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The American Life League Report can be viewed in its entirety here. Full documentation and source material is also available from American Life League.

Media inquiries, please contact Rob Gasper at 540.659.4171 or
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