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Home » News » Two Years Post ‘Dobbs,’ American Life League Denounces States’ ‘Deadly Confusion’ Over Abortion 

Two Years Post ‘Dobbs,’ American Life League Denounces States’ ‘Deadly Confusion’ Over Abortion 

June 24, 2024

Life advocates across the nation are marking the second anniversary of the United States Supreme Court Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision handed down on June 24, 2022. The high court’s ruling overturned 1973’s Roe v. Wade, removing federal oversight of abortion and sending the authority to regulate abortion back to each state. Two years after Dobbs, the contemporary legal landscape of abortion in the United States prompts a critical response from Katie Brown, national director of American Life League. Brown released the following statement on June 24, 2024:  

“Immediately following the Dobbs decision, American Life League president Judie Brown warned that the result of handing the decision about life back to the states would be a disaster. That decision is the equivalent of asking each state to regulate how ‘okay’ they are with murder. Some states are cozier with baby killing than others, but it’s two years later and all 50 states allow at least some killing of children in the womb. 

“This deadly confusion could have been easily avoided if our nation had chosen to recognize that all its citizens, both those born and those preborn, deserve life without exception and without compromise.  

“The attack on life in America is the greatest we have seen in 50 years. Abortion rates are on the rise and respect for the vulnerable is at an all-time low. The Dobbs decision is nothing to be celebrated, as all SCOTUS did was leave behind a violent and confusing mess. There is much work to be done in America, but one thing is certain: The dignity of the preborn child will not be decided in a court of law. It will be decided in the hearts and minds of every American citizen.  

“We must work harder now than ever before to create a culture that respects and protects the lives of all human beings, especially the smallest among us.” 

About American Life League 

American Life League has been part of the pro-life abortion debate since its inception. Since 1979, American Life League has committed to the protection of all innocent human beings from the moment of creation to death with a pro-life integrity that stands up for every innocent human being whose life is threatened by the culture of death. For more information visit