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Terri Schiavo is an innocent human being

American Life League vice-president Jim Sedlak will join numerous pro-life leaders and an untold number of supporters at a news conference and prayer vigil in support of Terri Schiavo on Saturday, March 12, at noon in Pinellas Park, Fla. "American Life League considers it an honor and a duty to speak out on behalf of Terri Schiavo," said Sedlak. "Our main message at these events is that a human being can never become a 'vegetable.' "

"Despite efforts by politicians and so-called medical professionals," Sedlak said, "the terms 'persistent vegetative state' and 'minimal conscious state' are simply devices to describe the medical status of a human being. Terri is a person. She will always be a person and attempts by the medical and legal communities to take away her rights are tragic and misguided."

Despite erroneous reports about Terri's status, she is not terminally ill; she simply requires a feeding tube for routine nutrition and hydration. "As the deadline for Terri's life gets closer, it is urgent that all those in a position to influence this case remember that Terri is a PERSON with all the rights given to every person in the United States by the Constitution," Sedlak said. "For a judge to impose capital punishment on an innocent person is outrageous and every person in America should be active in trying to correct this injustice. If they can do this to Terri today, they can do it to anyone else tomorrow."

Release issued: 10 Mar 05