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Planned Parenthood: Pushing Back Against Roe’s Demise by Pushing Pills

American Life League’s Report on Abortion Giant’s Facilities Shows Increased Focus on DIY Abortion

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(August 5, 2022 – Fredericksburg, Virginia) America’s abortion giant is pushing pills in its quest to continue profiting off of pregnant women. The new Planned Parenthood Facilities Report, released on August 1 by American Life League, shows a switch in tactics by the abortion vendor, one that was clearly evident prior to the June 24, 2022, United States Supreme Court decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health. That action overturned Roe v. Wade, the federal abortion ruling that allowed abortion on demand throughout the United States. Research by STOPP International shows that at the end of 2021, Planned Parenthood operated 82% of DIY abortion pill facilities in the US and 39% of surgical abortion facilities.

The Planned Parenthood Facilities Report was compiled based on 2021 data—the latest available. The data was then analyzed by STOPP International—American Life League’s program dedicated to educating people about Planned Parenthood’s culture of death and focused on shutting down its facilities.

Rita Diller, interim director of STOPP International, cited the report’s tracking of Planned Parenthood facilities, which shows that the abortion provider expanded the number of its abortion facilities by 41%  during the 16-year period between 2005 and 2021.

“The lion’s share of the increase is in pill abortion facilities,” Diller explained. “While all of Planned Parenthood’s 176 surgical abortion facilities offer pill abortions as well, an additional 215 facilities offer only pill abortions, bringing its surgical plus pill abortion total availability to 391 locations. Planned Parenthood now runs 55% of all surgical and/or pill abortion facilities in the United States. This includes a whopping 82% of pill-only and 39% of all surgical locations.”

The dramatic increase of Planned Parenthood’s promotion of pill abortions marks a disturbing trend toward DIY abortion.

“These unsupervised procedures—self administered without continuing medical oversight—are incredibly traumatic and dangerous to women. They come with an FDA boxed warning for serious and sometimes fatal infections or bleeding. Many women report extreme stress and trauma caused by expelling their dead baby’s body at home, alone, after days of nausea, severe cramping and bleeding.”

Diller observed that this switch in focus denotes a decline in the abortion industry’s once-anticipated growth.

“While Planned Parenthood predicted that it would have 2,000 facilities by the year 2000, it peaked at 938 facilities in 1995,” reported Diller. “As of this 2021 report, it has 567 locations. That’s 133 fewer than it operated in 1973 when Roe v. Wade was erected by the Supreme Court to allow abortion. Clearly, Planned Parenthood is in severe decline.”

Other key findings in the Planned Parenthood Facilities Report include data that supports the conclusions that:

  • Planned Parenthood now runs 55% of all surgical and/or pill abortion facilities in the United

States. This includes 82% of pill-only and 39% of surgical locations.

  • The core of Planned Parenthood’s business has been—and continues to be—abortion.
  • Planned Parenthood has continued its overall shrinking trend for 19 consecutive years. In 2021, the abortion giant closed 11 facilities and opened six.
  • Planned Parenthood focuses on growing its abortion services in highly populated areas, choosing to locate “where the money is.” California and New York top the list with 108 and 52 Planned Parenthood facilities, respectively. By contrast, there are currently no Planned Parenthood facilities in Wyoming and North Dakota.

American Life League president Judie Brown spoke of the way the research will inform the pro-life call to action, urging for further education of young people, including those on high school and college campuses. Additionally, Brown stated that there is a need to increase the number of pro-life pregnancy service centers, particularly in locations where a Planned Parenthood facility exists.

“We encourage life advocates to join our efforts to build a solid wall of resistance to Planned Parenthood at its centers and wherever its leaders and supporters appear,” urged Diller.

Diller added, “The overturning of Roe v. Wade sets the stage for the battle to ban abortion at the state level. STOPP will continue to play a vital role in ramping up local efforts across the nation to eliminate abortion and lead the charge against Planned Parenthood.”

Read the 2021 Planned Parenthood Facilities Report, released in July 2022 by American Life League here.

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