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Planned Parenthood Brags about Remaining Relentless in Killing Babies

American Life League Says Abortion Giant Should Be Ashamed of Facts Promoted in Annual Report 

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(May 2, 2023 – Fredericksburg, Virginia) Planned Parenthood has trumpeted its huge profits and boasted of aborting 1,025 babies each day in its 2021-2022 Annual Report. American Life League and its Planned Parenthood watchdog STOPP International state that the abortion vendor should be ashamed of its self-proclaimed “relentless” pursuit of unrestricted abortion. 

“The 40-page report features over 170 repetitions of the word ‘relentless’ in text or graphic form,” noted American Life League’s director of communications Katie Brown. “On page 20, the word is combined with Building a Better Future. The irony of aborting 1,025 babies each day and talking about building a future is insulting and shameful. Planned Parenthood would better serve America’s future generations by relenting and repenting. Instead, they choose to keep aborting the children who should be part of that future.”  

American Life League’s Rita Diller, interim director of STOPP International, was repulsed by the report’s bald- faced admissions.  

Diller stated, “You can’t read Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s new 2021-2022 annual report without coming away with the feeling that you have seen, felt, and tasted the venom of a hundred thousand demons marching in rank.” 

Diller observed that in this report, released on April 24, 2023, along with admitting that it ended the lives of 374,155 babies through abortion during the past year — the second highest number in its history — Planned Parenthood also brags that it is still the nation’s largest provider of sex education, which it says is particularly needed at this time.  

“Planned Parenthood wants us to believe that sex education is needed to curb unwanted pregnancies, which result in the ‘need’ for relentless abortion,” pointed out Diller. “Yet Planned Parenthood says its affiliate educators reached nearly 567,000 people last year. It makes one wonder about the efficacy of the programming – or more likely, the fallacy of that justification.” 

The report touts Planned Parenthood’s “relentless,” ever-growing Internet sex indoctrination presence, boasting:  

  • 2.4 million education video views 
  • 1 million sessions on decision-making quizzes 
  • 154,000 conversations with “live health educators” 
  • 204,000 conversations with its sex-ed chat robot “Roo” 
  • 200 million visits to its main website 

According to the report, Planned Parenthood Federation of America sent its affiliates $49.2 million in one year, specifically earmarked for sex education in local schools and communities across the nation.  

“A person who knew nothing about Planned Parenthood might expect that its omnipresence would actually substantially lower the number of abortions,” Diller explained. “Yet this report shows a miniscule two percent drop in the number of Planned Parenthood abortions over the previous year. Planned Parenthood encourages sexual license at every opportunity, seeks to poison the minds of children without parental knowledge or interference, and faithfully directs minors toward abortion and birth control. This is the very core of Planned Parenthood’s agenda. It emanates a radical ‘relentless’ attitude that infers ‘we will get our way and stay filthy rich at your expense, no matter what.’” 

“It breaks my heart,” shared Brown, who regularly promotes American Life League’s foundational understanding that all human life is valuable. “To see an organization so dedicated to ending a child’s life in his mother’s womb is horrible enough, but to see Planned Parenthood boasting so proudly about doing so is just evil.” 

Diller itemized some of what she considers the offensive highlights of the report: 

  • Planned Parenthood’s strident diatribe is framed with the backdrop of “the year the worst happened,” referring to the Dobbs decision.  
  • Planned Parenthood has turned the Dobbs decision into a fundraising opportunity extraordinaire. In what it called the “worst” year, the abortion giant banked a record-breaking $694.9 million in private contributions and bequests. 
  • Planned Parenthood ended the year with $204.7 million in profits, disingenuously termed “excess revenue over expense,” as the corporation is organized as a nonprofit.   
  • Planned Parenthood banked a total of $670.4 million in government money in 2021-2022. That’s $1.8 million per day — an all-time high.  

“About that claim to be building a better future,” said Diller, “Planned Parenthood details their strategy to ‘smash the culture of shame and stigma that surround sexual and reproductive health, recruit new partners to the movement, and remind the world that we are fighting for freedom.’ It is both ineffably sad and invidiously sinister that Planned Parenthood publicly equates aborting children with freedom.”  

“The nine months since Roe was overturned have been significant,” shared Brown. “This is first time in my life, and that of other people under the age of 50, that abortion has not been legal across America. It’s a damaging realization to know that, had circumstances been different, my mother could have aborted me, at any time, for any reason. I am thankful that children born after June 24, 2022, no longer have that dark possibility hanging over their lives. To me, Planned Parenthood’s so-called ‘worst year’ represents the first year of true freedom in a half century for children and their mothers.” 

Diller concluded, “It is the job of those who respect human life and God’s gift of marriage and the nuclear family as the very basis of a healthy society to be even more relentless than the demons that drive Planned Parenthood. We are here, and we are also relentless—in our prayers and work to stop Planned Parenthood.” 

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