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Planned Parenthood blasphemes Christmas

The cards are offered for sale on Planned Parenthood's web site with a sales pitch that reads: "Tis the season to share with family, friends, colleagues, and loved ones the messages of 'Choice on Earth' or 'Peace Hope Justice.' Place your orders now for the 2005 Holiday Card."

"To Planned Parenthood, 'choice' is synonymous with 'abortion,' said Sedlak. "Some misguided clerics within the Planned Parenthood realm may actually think that killing very young, innocent babies is okay with God, but this idea is anathema to most Christians."

This is not the first year Planned Parenthood has sold the cards, but Sedlak contends that this year's sales are particularly offensive.

"In a year where tens of thousands of individuals have lost their lives in natural disasters around the world, and we passed the 2,000 mark for troops that have been killed in Iraq and the 1,000 mark for those that have died through capital punishment, it is particularly egregious that Planned Parenthood would use the Christmas season to celebrate the deaths of babies in the womb," said Sedlak. "According to numbers just released by Planned Parenthood, 255,015 babies who visited Planned Parenthood facilities in 2004 will not be alive to celebrate the birth of Jesus this year.

"We call on all people of faith who recognize each human life as a gift from God," Sedlak added, "to reject the message of Planned Parenthood and, instead, join with Christians in celebrating this season of peace and joy."