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Home » News » ‘Mothers Are Highly Underrated’ Declares American Life League’s Judie Brown 

‘Mothers Are Highly Underrated’ Declares American Life League’s Judie Brown 

Brown Urges Mothers and Expectant Mothers to Find Inspiration in Biblical Mary 

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(May 14, 2023 – Fredericksburg, Virginia) “What on God’s good earth is more glorious than this: to be a mother?” asks Judie Brown, president and cofounder of American Life League. The observation, which Brown is quick to attribute to the late Cardinal Joseph Mindszenty, elevates the perennial day of celebrating mothers with flowers and candy to a higher, more sacred, plane. When it comes to motherhood, Brown credits Mary, the mother of Christ, with being the supreme embodiment of maternal perfection and holds the biblical Mary up as inspiration for today’s mothers—and expectant mothers.  

Brown realizes that asking mothers to exemplify the woman that the Catholic Church calls “The Blessed Mother” sets the bar pretty high, but she points out that, “Like the Virgin Mary, mothers sacrifice much for their children, giving unselfishly of their time, talent, and most of all their love. My own mother was a wellspring of inspiration to me and my sisters.”  

Brown continues, “Mothers are highly underrated in the culture and often equated with all manner of insult in the woke arena these days.” She speaks to a cultural promotion of abortion that fosters the idea that having children is inconvenient, a burden, or something that women are forced to do. “That belittles and denigrates all mothers and children,” Brown says. 

Brown reflects on the biblical Mary, noting that her life “represents total surrender to the will of God, even when what is being asked of you seems impossible.”  

As an example of that surrender, Brown points to Luke 1, when the angel Gabriel informs the young, unmarried girl that she will have a child by the work of the Holy Spirit, and Mary responds with, “Behold, I am the servant of the Lord; let it be done to me according to your word.” 

“Bearing and raising children is certainly an experience that requires that kind of surrender,” explains Brown. 

“Mary is often referred to as ‘meek’ or ‘mild,’ and yet she was strong enough to withstand the rebukes and the violence that occurred at the crucifixion as she stayed with her dying Son, Jesus Christ,” Brown notes. 

Brown connects the biblical account to today’s mothers, saying, “I often wonder why so many of today’s expectant mothers choose abortion, something that they perceive as the easy way out, even though all one needs to do is see Mary at the foot of the cross to realize that a mother can bear anything if she loves unselfishly.” 

That is one reason Brown has fought so zealously for the protection of preborn children and the honoring of motherhood over four decades, and why American Life League continues to promote the sanctity of life and support mothers even in a post-Roe culture. 

Brown herself is a mother of three grown children and grandmother to 13. 

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