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Is Planned Parenthood involved in coverup?

"Shortly after STOPP and other pro-life sources focused attention on a letter on the Planned Parenthood Golden Gate web site, purportedly a note from a 17-year-old girl thanking Planned Parenthood for helping conceal from her parents a rape that occurred when she was 11, the organization hastily removed the letter from its web site," said Jim Sedlak, executive director of American Life League's STOPP International. "Is Planned Parenthood Golden Gate trying to hide evidence of a crime? STOPP calls on California Attorney General Bill Lockyer to investigate this matter immediately and hold Planned Parenthood accountable for its role in this situation."

The letter appeared in the "Shared Stories" section of the Planned Parenthood Golden Gate web site. Neither the letter itself nor Planned Parenthood Golden Gate indicated whether Planned Parenthood alerted authorities to this reported sexual abuse of an 11-year-old child. The letter was removed soon after pro-life blogs posted the story and STOPP alerted the media to the situation. After learning about the letter, other groups, including The Conservative Voice, quickly disseminated the information to thousands of concerned citizens nationwide.

"Planned Parenthood acts as if it is exempt from the law," said Sedlak. "The organization knows it is mandated to report suspected cases of sexual abuse involving minors, yet it seemingly fails to do so. STOPP encourages pro-lifers to contact the office of California Attorney General Bill Lockyer at 916-322-3360 and request an investigation into the situation addressed in this letter – and the letter's hasty disappearance from the PPGG web site. This is a dangerous organization and we must ensure that it is held accountable for its actions."

NOTE: The letter in question from the Planned Parenthood Golden Gate site is archived online