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Covert National Network is an Ever-Present Thorn in Planned Parenthood’s Side

As Abortion Giant Turns 105, Success Continues for National Network of Fighters Against Planned Parenthood

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(October 14, 2021 – Fredericksburg, Virginia) A New York homemaker, a Texas university professor, and a Florida sports referee have used a variety of effective tactics to thwart Planned Parenthood’s work across the United States. These everyday individuals are part of the American Life League’s National Network of Fighters Against Planned Parenthood, and they have extensively foiled the work of 48 local and regional Planned Parenthood branches of this abortion giant.

When Planned Parenthood turns 105 on October 16, this network, headed by Jim Sedlak, Executive Director of the American Life League, will celebrate how they have stopped Planned Parenthood’s harmful programs and even prevented some Planned Parenthood facilities from being built.

Iowa members of the National Network of Fighters Against Planned Parenthood brought Sedlak to the state and prevented Planned Parenthood from opening six new abortion facilities and then closed down a total of 20 existing Planned Parenthood abortion facilities in the state. Other successes have resulted when network members contacted:

  • Habitat for Humanity in Sarasota, Florida, to ask them to withdraw from an agreement to buy property from Planned Parenthood.

RESULT: Habitat backed out of the deal and did not buy the property

  • A Walmart in Washington state, to ask them to prevent Planned Parenthood from distributing literature in the Walmart parking lot.

RESULT: Walmart told Planned Parenthood they could not distribute literature on the store’s property.

  • The Greater Vallejo Recreation District in California, to ask them not to allow Planned Parenthood to participate in a Children’s Wonderland playground event.

RESULT: Planned Parenthood was refused permission to participate in the event.

These Planned Parenthood watchers follow the activities and communications of local Planned Parenthood groups and pass the information upline to the American Life League’s STOPP – a program exclusively focused on getting Planned Parenthood to “close its doors and get out of town.”

In Monrovia, California, a fighter against Planned Parenthood contacted STOPP to get advice on preventing the abortion giant from opening a new abortion facility. Monrovians Against Planned Parenthood was formed and began the fight. The group discovered that that an existing Planned Parenthood clinic had been getting rent-free space at the county health department for 35 years. Within a week, after pressure from network members, the county ordered Planned Parenthood to vacate the building. Those same activists led a court battle against the city for approving a new abortion facility without issuing required public notices. As a result, the City of Monrovia ended up purchasing the facility from Planned Parenthood and demolished it.

Sedlak relates how the group of watchers was formed in the 1990s and originally named the Planned Parenthood Fighters Network. Shortly after publicizing the effort, a letter was received from a Planned Parenthood attorney objecting to the name, because “people might think it was something run by Planned Parenthood.”

A current focus of the network is Planned Parenthood’s sex education programs, often targeting children. One network member recently alerted Sedlak to a social media post by the Yurok Tribe indicating that Planned Parenthood of Northern California was presenting a sex education curriculum to these Native American youth, bribing members to attend by awarding them with gift cards.

“After 105 years,” Sedlak observes, “Planned Parenthood’s legacy has not changed. It’s about sex, kids, and death – with a heavy dose of racist eugenics tossed in.” And for their anniversary, he wants Planned Parenthood to know that they are being closely watched.

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