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American Life League kicks off National Pro-life T-shirt Day

Tomorrow, April 26, thousands of young people across the country will participate in American Life League’s National Pro-life T-shirt Day by wearing shirts with pro-life messages to their high schools and colleges. This is American Life League’s third annual T-shirt day event and this year’s number of participants is expected to far exceed previous years’ numbers.

“ALL’s National Pro-Life T-shirt Day is an amazing opportunity for the youth of this country to publicly express their support for the protection of each and every human being’s life – from creation to death,” said Erik Whittington, director of American Life League’s youth outreach. “This one single day can save the lives of an untold number of preborn babies by displaying the truth about the tragedy of abortion.”

American Life League’s official T-shirts sold out more than a week before the event, and youth from around the country are writing to say they plan to participate. “We’re blown away by the response,” said Whittington. “Everyone is excited about wearing their shirts and serving as a pro-life witness to their fellow students.”

In past years, there have been incidents in which pro-life students had their free-speech rights suppressed by school administrators on National Pro-life T-shirt Day. Students have been threatened with detention, suspension or even expulsion for wearing shirts carrying pro-life expressions. The Thomas More Law Center has offered its assistance in a number of these instances. “There is absolutely nothing illegal about wearing a pro-life T-shirt to any public school,” said Whittington. “We have asked students who are participating in this year’s event to contact American Life League immediately if they encounter any problems with school administrators.”

“American Life League’s National Pro-life T-shirt Day is one of the most important days of the year for pro-life youth activists,” he said. “We will never know just how many babies are alive today thanks to a simple message on a pro-life T-shirt.”

Release issued: 25 Apr 05