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ACTION ALERT: Planned Parenthood Wants Parents out of Sexual Education of Their Kids

American Life League kicks off National Condom Week with graphic video on how Planned Parenthood hooks kids on sex

STAFFORD, VA – As Planned Parenthood kicks off National Condom Week tomorrow, it will also be actively engaged in selling sex to children, as young as those in grade school, with graphic videos and books. American Life League compiled a disturbing video of Planned Parenthood’s materials that are presented to school-age children across the country. The video can be viewed here (note: contains graphic material):

“Any parent that sees the video of Planned Parenthood’s material for school children will be horrified,” said Jim Sedlak, vice president of the American Life League. “Planned Parenthood’s business model is aimed at making money from people who are engaged in sexual activity. The earlier Planned Parenthood can get girls having sex, the more money they make. Many of these children will become the women who will have abortions, which made up 51% of Planned Parenthood’s clinic revenue in 2010.”

The video, Hooking Kids on Sex, talks about a book for 10-year-olds with graphic images about how to masturbate, put on a condom and have sexual intercourse.

“If a dirty old man showed this book to kids in a park, he’d be arrested,” continued Sedlak. “Why does Planned Parenthood, a taxpayer-funded organization, get to distribute these books to our children and get more government money?’

The video also discusses Planned Parenthood of the Upper Hudson’s S.T.A.R.S (Seriously Talking About Responsible Sex), which required applicants to the program to be high school students and go to Capital Pride, a parade of drag queens, gay couples kissing and men in thongs dancing on stage.

“Planned Parenthood wants kids to choose it for their sexual education over their own parents,” said Sedlak. “It wants to be the trusted friend and advocate of kids of all ages. It knows that a conversation about sex with a stranger or browsing a Planned Parenthood website about teen sex is easier than talking with their parents. The abortion giant has no problem using tax dollars to exploit that fear and make money off those kids.”

Click here to send a letter to your members of Congress today to insist that they defund Planned Parenthood.

American Life League, the oldest national Catholic pro-life organization in the United States, was cofounded by Judie Brown in 1979. Her twelfth book, The Broken Path, is now available. For more information, please visit or call 540-659-4171.