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Parent Power





This book is intended to help parents take control of their school systems and restore the high quality education that was once a trademark of American Education. It presents detailed information on what other parents, around the country, have done to successfully drive out the negative influences.

The negative influences include all those people who see schools as fertile ground to implement social engineering programs. These programs take many forms including: the “dumbing” of textbooks; the introduction of “revisionist history”; and the inclusion of offensive curricula in the form of sex education, death education or similar programs.

This book was originally published under the title: HOW TO FIGHT PLANNED PARENTHOOD SEX EDUCATION IN THE SCHOOLS …AND WIN! It has been used by many parents in the United States and other countries to stop the flood of offensive sex education. Many parents, however, pointed out that the techniques used were not unique to fighting offensive sex education programs. As a result, we have revised parts of the book and re-published under the current title to better represent the true usefulness of the techniques described.

Because of its origins, PARENT POWER!! still contains a great deal of information on fighting offensive sex education programs. Readers fighting this type of program will still find this a complete documentation on how to carry on the fight. Readers who are fighting other programs in the school, can skim chapters 3, 7 and 11 and concentrate on the remaining parts of the book to gain information on how to conduct a successful fight against ANY school program.

We firmly believe that a good public school education system is possible. We acknowledge, however, that what actually happens in the schools is the responsibility of the PARENTS. For too many years we have allowed the professional educators and vocal minorities to take our educational system down the drain. We have stood by and watched as achievement scores have fallen and the social engineering programs have taken over. It’s time to fight back.

Parents can make a difference. You do have the ability to conquer over seemingly impossible odds and take control of your schools. You need only decide it is worth the effort and then ACT. This book will give you all you need to begin the successful fight against offensive programs in your schools. But, YOU must decide your children are worth the effort. Thousands of parents are already being successful in the effort. We welcome you and are ready to help.


All information contained in this book is correct as far as can be ascertained by the author. Readers are cautioned to check the status of their own State and local laws with regard to school education regulations.

The author is not engaged in the practice of law and no part of this book should be construed as giving legal advice. On questions pertaining to the legal practice, readers are encouraged to get information and advice from lawyers licensed to practice in your area.


During the course of this book many derogatory references are made to school administration and teaching staff. It should be understood that references are made to these people as a general category. No criticism is intended of any specific individual. We acknowledge the fact that many school administrators and teachers are dedicated individuals who have the best interest of the children at heart. In fact, in many school districts, teachers and school administrators have been supportive of parents activities to change offensive policies. To these dedicated people we apologize for any problems caused by our general characterizations.

Parents should determine which teachers and administrators, in each school district, are supportive and which fall in the characterizations contained in this book.


As will be explained in the Introduction and the first chapter, this book incorporates a religious basis for fighting offensive programs in the school. Since the author is a Christian, the book describes a Christian approach. I make no apologies for this. Neither do I claim that Christians have an exclusivity on fighting for the minds and souls of their children. Readers of non-Christian faiths should substitute their own doctrine in place of the Christian ones expressed. With this substitution, Jews, Moslems and all non-Christians should find here a powerful tool to help turn around the American school system.


Due to the nature of the sex ed programs being examined, some of this book is not appropriate for reading by children and young teens. Parents are urged to exercise discretion in sharing this book with youngsters.