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Planned Parenthood Violates Kentucky Law and Kills Babies Illegally

There is a fight between Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky and the state of Kentucky going on that has not been reported in the national press.

The quick explanation is that PPINK wants to commit abortions at its Louisville center. In order to do that, it needs a license. To obtain the license, it had to file an application with the Office of Inspector General. Part of the application was to include proof that Planned Parenthood has written agreements with an acute care hospital and a local ambulance service to take care of any medical complications from the abortions.

PPINK did submit the application last year and received approval to start doing abortions. A formal license would be issued within 30 days, following an on-site clinic inspection. In January 2016, it was revealed by Planned Parenthood that it had been performing abortions for over a month and still had no license.

At this time, the state Office of Inspector General sent an immediate cease and desist order to PPINK. The state of Kentucky states that, without the license, Planned Parenthood is doing illegal abortions. The crux of the state’s objections is that its documentation submitted with PPINK’s original application which contained written agreements with an acute care hospital and a local ambulance service were “a complete sham,” and that the organization “knowingly and callously endangered the lives of its patients.”

The state is maintaining that PPINK does not have the needed agreements, never had them, and submitted false documentation in order to get approval to start doing abortions from the previous administration—which was more supportive of abortion than the current administration.

Kentucky’s Cabinet for Health and Family Services has now filed a lawsuit against Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky for performing 23 illegal abortions in December and January. Governor Matt Bevin stated in a press release announcing the lawsuit. “We are a nation of laws, and my job is to ensure that they are followed regardless of my personal opinion. This administration will have no tolerance for the type of brazen disregard that Planned Parenthood has shown for both the safety of women and the rule of law. We will hold Planned Parenthood accountable for knowingly endangering their patients by providing illegal abortions at a facility that was not properly licensed nor prepared to handle an emergency.”

The state is seeking up to $570,000 in fines from PPINK “in order to punish it for its callous and knowing violations of law and to deter it and other from such violations in the future.”

Since you are most likely not hearing about this elsewhere, we will monitor the situation and bring you updates on this latest effort by Planned Parenthood to thumb its noses at the law and seek to kill babies in Kentucky. Planned Parenthood: dead babies, no matter what.