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From a Radio Show You Should Hear, to a Letter You Should Read

As summer came to an end this week and families prepare for their children’s return to school, pro-life work continued in the hectic pace that it has been all summer.

American Life League’s vice president, Jim Sedlak, hosts a live one-hour radio show on the Radio Maria network. This past Friday, August 28, he had Hugh Brown as his guest. Hugh is a father of five children, a member of the board of directors of American Life League, and co-founder of St. Michael the Archangel High School—a private Catholic college-prep high school that focuses on teaching students how to spread and live the culture of life. Hugh spoke about the role of fathers in today’s society. This program was one of the best in the over two-year history of the show and received many positive comments. You can listen to the entire show at Click on August 28, 2015. Hugh’s part begins at 7:05.

This past week countless people participated in the Campaign of Prayer and Fasting to End the Evils of Abortion and Planned Parenthood. This effort focused on the fact that the ultimate solution in the battle we are fighting for the lives of every human being is God. As much as we actively pursue protests, phone calls, and political activism, we must take time to call upon God to grant us relief from the horror of abortion. American Life League was honored to cosponsor this event and we are happy to report that many hundreds of individuals joined in the campaign, stormed heaven with prayers, and fasted to ask for God’s mercy.

This week also saw a number of developments regarding the current baby body parts scandal at Planned Parenthood. The Center for Medical Progress released another undercover video that further showed the lies being told by Planned Parenthood. The people answering the investigative reporters’ questions revealed that the procurement companies consider Planned Parenthood a “volume” supplier of baby body parts. They also openly talked about getting full intact fetuses from Planned Parenthood; in one case, describing a baby that literally “fell out” of the birth canal. Clearly, this baby was delivered alive—but wasn’t alive for very long. Like the videos released before, this one is compelling and we wish everyone would watch it and understand the depth and breadth of the problem.

Last week we told you about the rambling letter sent by Planned Parenthood to Congress imploring it not to cut off its funds because it has done nothing wrong. This week, the Center for Medical Progress sent its answer to Congress and took Planned Parenthood to task for the lies it tells and the evil it does. We encourage all our readers to read the letter.