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They Call It a Choice?

If abortion advocates were true to the “pro-choice” name, then they would not only celebrate the mother who chose abortion and shamelessly talked about it, but they would celebrate the mother who chose NOT to get an abortion. There’s a reason that doesn’t happen.

They’re pro-abortion.

When television actress Naya Rivera shared her abortion story to People magazine, Planned Parenthood South Atlantic Action Fund in North Carolina threw confetti.

(Interesting side-note: Appropriately enough, its Twitter handle [PPSATNC] eerily reads like PPSatanic.)

People magazine writes, “She made the call to put her career first and terminated the pregnancy.”

A child had to die so that Rivera could continue her TV show—as if television producers have no way to work with pregnant stars. Pregnant actresses have been cleverly disguised with wardrobes, camera shots, and set decorations since the pilot of I Love Lucy.

But “Yay!” yell the pro-aborts. “She’s not ashamed.”

And yet, where are the party hats for gold medalist Claressa Shields? The Olympic boxer convinced a cousin to choose not to have an abortion by asking to adopt her child. In this situation, there was an abortion-minded pregnant mother, a “choice,” and a supporting family member. Seems to fit the formula of a story worthy of a Planned Parenthood tweet.

Except the baby is alive. Doesn’t fit the pro-abortion narrative. (Neither does this athlete.)

Planned Parenthood—not so “pro-choice” after all.