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Planned Parenthood Kills Freedom

Planned Parenthood claims that it stands for freedom: freedom to “make choices,” freedom to “access birth control,” and “freedom” to have sex with whomever you want whenever you want.

But when you peel back the rhetoric, you see a plan that’s entirely the opposite of freedom. Planned Parenthood works to force its agenda on every individual, especially if that individual finds Planned Parenthood to be abhorrent.

Case number one:

Planned Parenthood hates consciences because they’re often shaped in conformity with God’s plan for sex and marriage. So when an employer fully understands that birth control is an offense against God’s law, he has the God-given right to not participate in another’s act of sin. Hormonal birth control is deadly to embryonic children. But Planned Parenthood doesn’t care about the freedom of conscience. It cares about forcing business owners to sell abortifacient products against their will. It cares about forcing employers to pay for an employee’s elective sex drugs.

Case number two:

Planned Parenthood supports forcing individuals to refer to someone with an identity disorder with his preferred pronoun. To do so is “respect.”  To do otherwise is “hate speech.”

And finally,

By “rise up, push forward, and organize for change,” Planned Parenthood seeks to change, through legal force, individual attitudes toward homosexual behavior no matter what their conscience instructs them. In other words, if you believe God created man to be with a woman and to be fruitful, then you’re subject to re-education. You should be shamed into oblivion. Your religion ought to be abolished.

When Planned Parenthood seeks to “organize for change,” we understand that its version of “change” means government mandates, legal punishment, and coercion through intimidation.

This is why we need to defund Planned Parenthood sooner rather than later.