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Vatican Program Offers Sex Ed Planned Parenthood Style

Have you heard about the Vatican’s new sex ed program? It is called The Meeting Point: Project for Affective and Sexual Formation, and it is a disaster.

The Pontifical Council for the Family recently released this project, which consists of unit studies and discussions for coed classrooms.

The program

  • Asks a mixed class to “point out where sexuality is located in boys and girls.”
  • Asks a mixed class to discuss the question: “What does the word sex suggest to you?”
  • Discusses “the process of arousal.”
  • Explains that “heterosexuality” is something “to be discover[ed].”
  • Suggests R-rated movies with nudity and explicit sex scenes as catalysts for discussion.

On top of this scandalous approach, the program never addresses biblical and traditional principles such as the 10 Commandments or Christ’s teaching on marriage.

And as if that were not awful enough, the program leaves parents completely out of the equation as the primary educators of their children!

Please sign this petition to put a quick end to this awful project known as The Meeting Point.

This program is horrendous, appalling, and much closer to sex education Planned Parenthood-style than anything one would expect from the Church or any other Christian institution.

American Life League has partnered with LifeSiteNews to petition Pope Francis and Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, the head of the Pontifical Council for the Family, to retract this project and restate correct teaching on these matters.

Thank you for taking the time to attend to this important matter. Remember that every signature counts.