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See Dignity in Preborn Babies

On September 10, ALL Life Defenders is encouraging you, your family, and your friends to participate in our national day to #SeeDignity in the preborn child.

What is See Dignity?

See Dignity is a social media campaign designed to teach people to show love for other human beings by dedicating 1 day every 3 months to doing small acts of kindness. September 10 is our very first day, where across the nation children, young adults, and adults will all perform acts of kindness in honor of the preborn children innocently destroyed through abortion.

What can you do?

There are countless acts of kindness you could do to demonstrate your love and respect for the preborn child. For example, you could volunteer at a pregnancy help center, peacefully protest outside an abortion clinic, or make a meal for a new mom or expectant mother. We have 10 examples of easy acts of kindness here.

Make sure when you complete your act of kindness you snap a photo with the hashtag #SeeDignity and post it on social media! We want to show the nation that we all See Dignity in the little preborn babies!