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Lent Is Almost Here; Prepare Now for What You Will Do

The season of Lent begins in just 12 days. Let’s make this a Lent where we remember the babies every day.

Lent is a time of prayer, fasting, penance, and almsgiving to bring us closer to the great sacrifices our Lord and Savior made for us. This Lent, American Life League encourages all of our readers to spend time in prayer and consider doing things to help build a culture of life.

Some examples:

  • Say a daily rosary for the babies and their mothers.
  • Spend two hours a week praying outside a local Planned Parenthood office or abortion mill.
  • Each Friday during Lent, say a pro-life Stations of the Cross.
  • Offer a daily Mass for the conversion of all abortion workers.
  • Join your local 40 Days for Life events.
  • Hold a local pro-life event that has, as its main focus, prayers for all involved in the culture of death.
  • Bring Jesus to Planned Parenthood through Mary.
  • Arrange for a Mass to be said for the intention of all preborn babies and their mothers.
  • Volunteer at a local pregnancy resource center.
  • Donate to American Life League and your local pro-life efforts.
  • Talk with your friends and relatives about the horror of abortion.
  • Talk with your teenage children and their friends about the virtues of purity and chastity. Young people who do not engage in sexual activity do not have abortions.
  • Talk to your local school board members about ridding your schools of all offensive programs—especially so-called sexuality education classes.
  • Spend at least three hours a week before the Blessed Sacrament asking God to end abortion in our land.

There are many other things you can do, as well. We hope this list will provide ideas and that you will put some of them in action as we spend time preparing for Easter Sunday.