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Wokeness Versus God

By Judie Brown

James Kalb recently wrote an article in which he concluded,

The concept of the good life points to God as its source and its binding and coordinating principle. And that is yet another reason social order must always be based on religion. Without it, there is no good way to focus the myriad considerations and judgments that go into a way of life. And that leaves no alternative to a social order based on arbitrary decision and thus the simple will of the powerful. Current developments, it seems to me, are making that more clear than ever.

This insightful statement reflects a great deal about the manner in which our society has been functioning. And sadly, it is not something new but something very old—a problem first encountered in the Garden of Eden.

The laws of God are not imposed on the human person but rather are a light that shines truth on any life situation but only if the enlightened choose to obey those laws. When people fail in that choice, chaos reigns.

There can be no sustainable social order in a nation governed by those arbitrary decisions. This was made clear by the late great Redemptorist priest H. Vernon Sattler, who wrote:

The kindly humanist takes pity on the human condition and is willing and able to change it. He is willing to deny a discrimination between the sexes, and considers any essential distinction an injustice. He is willing, whether by drugs, hormones or plastic surgery to release any “imprisoned in the body of an undesired sex.” For those who wish mere pleasurable, recreational, or romantic sexual encounters without reproductive result, he will provide contraceptive or surgical sterilization. “Nothing can be wrong if it feels good!” 

“On the other hand, the pitying technical humanist can see no reason why he should not remedy the agony of childlessness by artificial insemination whether by husband or donor semen . . . [or] in vitro fertilization whether between the husband-and-wife gametes or those of strangers, followed by implantation of the zygote in a freely offered or rented womb.”

Such “kindly humanists” are all around us.

There are judges in our nation who cannot tolerate the idea of a weak heartbeat bill becoming law in a state. Blocking such laws is deemed just rather than despicable.

And that kind of twisted logic does not stop there with judges. Writer Judith Levine recently called the result of a deadly abortion a superpower: “While same-sex marriage upholds the family, abortion’s principal job—its superpower—is to free women, and the sex they have, from it. This is an uncomfortable fact for some reproductive rights activists, who try to shoehorn abortion into the conservative arguments that support marriage.”

By her twisted standards, “Unlike marriage, abortion cannot divorce itself from sex. After all, a marriage can be sexless, but an unplanned pregnancy cannot.”

If that statement is not a loaded, secular humanistic point of view, I have no idea what is!

Perhaps it is because of folks like District Court judge Celene Gogerty and columnist Judith Levine that the religion of woke has become such a predominant part of the media everyone seems to pay attention to, even though the intelligent choice is to ignore it. Somehow or other, propaganda seems to be far too appealing.

This is why I am personally grateful for principled pro-life Americans who are pushing back against the Democratic party’s assault focused on making sure every state has abortion on its ballot. We recognize that though the media and cultural elite—all suffering from the woke religious infection—are doing all they can to protect the killing of babies, they are no threat to the power of God. This is why we strive for and pray for more and more Christians to step up, reclaim their rightful place in the political, social, and media stratospheres, and work to set this nation straight.

Lives are at stake, but more importantly, souls are in jeopardy. Let us prove once and for all that in the wokeness versus God battle, there is no contest!