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The State of Moral Insanity

By Judie Brown

The recent rise in public acceptance of “gender-affirming care” explains a great deal about the tragic moral freefall society is experiencing right now. When we were young, we learned a biological fact: There are two genders. Nobody disagreed with that because, from a strictly biological perspective, it was obvious—even if one had nary an iota of faith in God.

But today we have slipped away from the facts that have stood the test of time since Adam and Eve. We are now living in a cultural wasteland of people who consider themselves non-binary or gender fluid or who define their gender in one of many other ways.

These are not biological facts; they are symptomatic of man’s quest to become all powerful. In the process, some have created a version of science that is ideological at best and pure evil at its worst.

As if to underscore the truth amidst this maze of horrors, John Grondelski, PhD, writes:

The only “ethic” that is going to give you firm moral guidance on intrinsically evil acts is the Catholic moral tradition, with its natural law grounding and its Aristotelian antecedents. It will talk about acts in themselves, independent of intentions and circumstances, and insist that moral goodness lies in rectitude on each and all those levels. That is not going to be found among the main “ethical” competitors on offer on today’s campus.

Or, I would add, in our world today no matter where you happen to look.

This is why the moral insanity we are living through at this moment in time is so absurd. In the current death culture, the oxymorons are rife and accepted by far too many. A few such statements include “diversity is unifying,” “men can be women,” and “students demanding safe spaces back terror groups.”

One reporter told readers that the mere idea of legislators putting restrictions on abortion is extreme, inhumane, and unworkable. In other words, there is no respect for the human rights of people prior to birth, and anyone who disagrees is dead wrong.

This is the perfect example of moral insanity, and yet it is commonplace. It is simply another way for the opinion creators in the media to plant seeds of fear among citizens—including potential voters—rather than providing factual scientific data.

The state of moral insanity does not recognize the fact that some acts, by their very nature, are intrinsically evil. Thankfully, in times like these, we have the teachings of the Catholic Church to guide us as we strive to assist others in recognizing this moral insanity.

In the Catechism of the Catholic Church we find this wisdom regarding intrinsically evil acts: “A good intention (for example, that of helping one’s neighbor) does not make behavior that is intrinsically disordered, such as lying and calumny, good or just. The end does not justify the means.”

There is nothing short of honesty, common sense, and the truth found in the natural law that can redeem those who insist on deception and death as their right, if not their privilege. Such individuals embrace a position that defies faith and reason, begging the question, when is an idea or position so irrational that it becomes wishful thinking?

Ideas have consequences, beliefs have eternal results, and some literally damn the soul. The Lord calls us to witness to His Truth in our world. Thus, we insist that the current state of moral insanity must end.