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The Gorilla in the Political Circus Ring

By Judie Brown

Elections seem to bring out the worst among those who will stoop to any means necessary to get their pro-abortion point across. The problem is that the folks who do this the most rabidly are those who favor killing the innocent preborn and continuing the parade of falsehoods.

Recently we saw an article about one candidate who allegedly would “criminalize birth control pills.” The argument stems from a misinterpretation of educational material on the meaning of personhood for preborn children. The fact is that, if America were to recognize the preborn child from his biological beginning onward as a person deserving of equal rights under the law, any action that could kill that person would be deemed criminal and outlawed. And yes, that could include birth control pills that can act to kill the preborn.

Such reports can and do accomplish the goal that the writers intend—to instill fear in those who believe everything they read, hear, or see, as the media is the operative outlet for false information in most cases. If such reports fairly explained the entire question of what human personhood is all about, there would be no problem. But that clearly is not their goal.

As we have said repeatedly over the last 37 years: “The state does not endow human beings with personhood; God takes care of that. What the state can and should do is recognize these persons as members of the human family, thus making it impossible to kill preborn children in in vitro fertilization laboratories, with chemicals such as the birth control pill which can abort prior to implantation, or through medical or surgical abortions.”

Unfortunately, at this point in time, nobody in any major political party is courageous enough to defend human personhood. What we do have are politicians who claim to be pro-life while parading around the circus ring with carefully crafted statements that never admit the facts when it comes to justice for every person—born and preborn. Human personhood is the last thing on their minds, believe me.

It’s all a sideshow!

This is why I was so inspired when I read the words of Bishop James Conley from the Diocese of Lincoln, Nebraska. In his September 30 column, Bishop Conley said:

Americans today are, in many ways, disengaged, discouraged, and divided. Much of our political rhetoric is unhelpful. And family, community, and public life are in decline. . . .

We need a broader vision of public life, which values and proclaims the dignity of every human life, and which aims for the flourishing of individuals, families, and communities. . . .

This broader vision won’t come through an election. It will come through life in Jesus Christ. The most important part of being good citizens is living as faithful and active missionary disciples of Jesus Christ.

He then closed with these words: “Christ is the only real source of our nation’s hope.”

This is where the truth is found, for it is in Christ alone that we are emboldened to proclaim the truth.

The circus ringmaster and all his minions ignore the gorilla, that is the truth, in favor of politically crafted lies and half-truths. It is our duty to expose this and “put on the full armor of God so as to be able to resist the devil’s tactics.”

Let us never fail to speak the truth or defend the innocent.


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