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The Devil Has a Home Office

By Judie Brown

It is rare that we witness evil actually deepening. That is, unless we are paying attention to Planned Parenthood—one of the world’s most obvious representatives of Satan’s handiwork. The organization’s minions in New Jersey recently outdid themselves in that department when they gave hormones designed for transitioning genders to an autistic 18-year-old after just a brief 30-minute meeting.

Needless to say, the young man’s parents were outraged, especially as he has developmental problems. The man’s mother, a pediatrician who did not want to reveal the family’s true identity, said, “It’s criminal what Planned Parenthoods all over the country are doing. . . . And most people have no idea this is happening.”

One insightful writer opines, “Planned Parenthood isn’t just looking to destroy preborn lives. In diversifying, it has begun to target vulnerable adolescents, too. What’s more, Planned Parenthood’s ‘safety protocols’ leave quite a bit to be desired.”

Her insight is confirmed by far too many reports of evil that we have seen in these troubling times. In six states—including California, New York, and Colorado—expectant mothers can acquire pregnancy-termination drugs either online or by making a phone call. Some call this telehealth, but it is more accurately defined as teledeath. Imagine having a friend or relative who uses such a service to kill her baby without giving a single thought to the WHO involved in her decision.

This dehumanization of preborn children is not only common, but it is growing at an alarming rate. Those who enable this cruelty masked as choice are certainly working in the devil’s home office. And they are not alone.

There are groups of women who claim that they must oppose anti-abortion regulatory proposals in their state legislatures because of the serious complications during pregnancy they experienced. But given the fact that ethical doctors treat both of their patients when complications arise, one wonders why this age-old red herring has reappeared.

The answer is simple. Pro-abortion people cannot tolerate any limit on the killing. They are no different than Belgium’s Catholic bishop who suggested that euthanasia is not “evil as such.” The bishop stated, “Philosophy has taught me to never be satisfied with generic black-and-white answers. All questions deserve answers adapted to a situation.”

This is an obvious admission that his decision-making, like that of those who support abortion, is based on situation ethics that renders actions subject to opinions and views rather than the moral code of right versus wrong.

Using a similar argument, those sitting in the devil’s office could agree that it is a good idea to manufacture products using fetal tissue from aborted babies. In fact, there is really nothing that would be deemed unacceptable in a world where killing people and mining their bodies for parts is legitimate.

We live in a culture of moral chaos today. Society has rejected God and firmly established Lucifer in His place. And that, as we know all too well, suits the devil, whose home office is hell.

This is why our fervent supplications to God and our commitment to truth are more urgently required than ever before. As the Lord said in Luke 11:23: “Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters.”