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The Brutality of an Essential Service

By Judie Brown

Katherine McGuiness, Northwest Abortion Access Fund leader, recently said: “I can’t think of what can be more essential and timely than accessing an abortion.”

McGuiness, a shill for the abortion cartel, continued: “We never want people to be pregnant longer than they want to be if it’s an unwanted or unintended pregnancy that they’ve decided to terminate.” 

Note the callousness of her comments. McGuiness talks about aborting a child as if it were as important as helping someone acquire a vital surgery. But if you unpeel her language, you will see that she is actually saying that her goal in life is to help expectant mothers arrange for the murder of their children—an act that could never in a sane society be viewed as essential.

Sadly, McGuiness is not alone.

Casey Nichols, a sophomore at St. Louis University majoring in biomedical engineering with a minor in women’s and gender studies, recently wrote the following in a letter to the editor for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch: “Economic circumstances, the ability to work, and the strain of a pregnancy on a person’s physical and mental health are all heightened during a pandemic and are all common reasons that 1 in 5 pregnancies are terminated. Further, pregnancy is a time-sensitive issue; people cannot simply wait until a pandemic of unknown length is over to terminate a pregnancy, especially in Missouri, where abortion is only legal until 22 weeks.”

This is the opinion of a young woman whose misguided goal is to provide insights in defense of an inhumane practice that leaves one human being dead and another wounded for life! Her support for the act of abortion is exceeded only by her inability to face the facts.

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Pregnancy is not a “time-sensitive issue”; it is a natural process that a woman with child usually experiences for nine months prior to giving birth to her baby. But for women like Nichols who champion abortion, simple facts like that go by the rails in their frenzied attempts to defend the unthinkable.

In the age of COVID-19, it is time to take a reality check. When reading the messages of women like McGuiness and Nichols, the question we must ask ourselves is this: What has happened to the truth of life versus the language of the culture of death?

Such folks have found so many ways to deny, demonize, and detest a little baby procreated by two people and living in his mother for a few months prior to being born that it boggles the mind. Pregnancy is not a disease, but when reading the words of these female charlatans, one would think it is actually similar to the plague.

We think that Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI has the answer.

In Volume 1 of his biography, to be released in English later this year, the former pontiff exposes the root cause for such hatred of truth, be it scientific, moral, or otherwise. He says: “Modern society is in the process of formulating an ‘anti-Christian creed,’ and resisting it is punishable by social excommunication.”

And there it is. An anti-Christian creed is one that not only embraces abortion as a good—an “essential service”—but it is a creed that places the act of abortion on a par with other insults to God the Creator, defying His truth, defying His love, and denying His mercy.

This is why aborting a child is referred to as an essential service, and this is why the brutality of the act itself is ignored.

The devil has blinded such people, convincing them that calling evil good and good evil is all that need be done in a world filled with apathetic people who barely know how to think for themselves. This is why our message is crucial to shattering the glass of ignorance so that others can see the light of truth.

Murder is never essential. Violence is never needed. And imposed death is never a service. Fight on for the babies and always tell the truth: no exceptions, no compromise, just the simple truth.

Image: Live Action