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The Abortion Giant Is on a Deadly Roll

By Rita Diller

There’s a cold, evil wind a-blowin’. Looking up from the bottom of a gigantic mountain of dead babies and morally bereft, sexually violated young people left for dead in the wake of Planned Parenthood’s constant assault on decency and innocent human life, it is obvious that an avalanche is barreling down that mountain. At the center of the avalanche is Planned Parenthood, wrapped in taxpayer dollars, soaked with the blood of innocent children.

Landmark year

For Planned Parenthood, 2008—the latest year for which it released statistics—was a landmark year. Though those statistics are incomplete because the abortion giant refuses to release its annual report to the public, the statistics we do have paint a horrifying picture of a greedy monster bent on expanding its abortion and salacious sex education business at the cost of millions of innocent lives.

In 1990, Planned Parenthood’s share of the total U.S. abortion market was eight percent. By 2008, that figure had catapulted to 26.8 percent. Since 1970, Planned Parenthood has killed almost 5 million preborn babies. Today, 40.6 percent of its clinic income comes from abortion.

Billions from the Obama administration

Add to this deadly momentum the additional billions of dollars the Obama administration has doled out, and we discover a recipe for unparalleled disaster.

Briefly reviewing some of the recent news shared via our Wednesday STOPP Report, we find:

Hillary Clinton announces $63 billion for “girl- and woman-centered” initiative

In January we reported that Planned Parenthood and the United Nations united to thank Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for announcing “our nation’s renewed commitment to ensuring that women worldwide have access to safe and effective reproductive health care” and to suggest one billion dollars annually be earmarked to satisfy this commitment.

Delivering exponentially more than Planned Parenthood and the UN requested, Secretary Clinton outlined the latest version of the Obama administration’s Global Health Initiative (GHI) which promises to spend 63 billion dollars through USAID over a six year period for the “girl- and woman-centered” initiative. (WSR 8-25-10)

Planned Parenthood stands to gain from the $250 million taxpayer dollars set aside for pregnancy assistance
The National Healthy Babies, Healthy Mothers Coalition—of which Planned Parenthood’s Guttmacher Institute is a member—helped begin a program that has been cited as a model for receipt of the $24 million in pregnancy assistance money set aside under Obama’s health care for each fiscal year through 2019. This despite the fact that Planned Parenthood’s 2008 statistics show that abortion accounted for 96.5 percent of its maternity-related “services.” (WSR 7-14-10) (WSR 9-15-10)

Planned Parenthood grabs $20 million grant from Obama’s Office of Adolescent Health

Planned Parenthood’s push for government funding to take over sex education programs in public schools and community organizations has received a sonic boost with the help of a $20 million grant from the newly created Office of Adolescent Health. Six Planned Parenthood affiliates have formed a far-reaching coalition to obtain funding that will target 73 locations in five states.

Not only that, Planned Parenthood will “evaluate” its own “successes,” so that it can get even more funding. (WSR 10/6/10)

Planned Parenthood pushes 100% payment for all prescription birth control

Planned Parenthood is now launching a major campaign to have all prescription birth control listed as “preventive care,” mandating that under the health care reform law (PL 111-148) all new private health plans must cover 100% of the cost.

Classifying birth control as “preventive care” would ensure that our tax dollars will pay for all prescription birth control for Medicaid recipients.

With both private insurers and state Medicaid programs being required to pay 100% of the cost of contraceptives, Planned Parenthood would stand to pocket more money than ever from its sale of contraceptives which, in 2008, comprised 35% of its business. (WSR 10-20-10)

Even more chilling is that abortion coverage could be mandated if the Secretary of HHS places abortion on the list of “preventive” care services.

The Mikulski Amendment does not preclude abortion from being listed as a “preventive” service, in which case, coverage would be mandated. (Planned Parenthood’s Obamacare Grand Slam, CNS News, 3-26-10)

Planned Parenthood’s statistics are staggering

The abortion mammoth killed 324,008 preborn babies in 2008, bringing in an estimated $152.3 million—with $48 million from the abortion pill.

A July 2009 Planned Parenthood study published in the New England Journal of Medicine reported that, in 2008, a total of 96,738 medical (abortion pill) abortions were committed by Planned Parenthood in the U.S., representing 32% of first-trimester abortions in Planned Parenthood facilities.

Planned Parenthood’s web site reports that abortion via the abortion pill costs between $350 to $650. Thus, at an average cost of $500 per abortion, that means Planned Parenthood took in over $48 million in 2008 from abortions by pill. And all Planned Parenthood had to do to “earn” its blood money was dispense a pill and send women home to deal with extended profuse bleeding, sometimes horrific pain, and the emotional turmoil that comes with killing a child and then delivering the dead baby. (WSR 9-29-10)

Yes, an evil wind is a-blowin’. And until we intercept the abortion giant and remove his bindings from our tax dollars, the avalanche will only continue to swell. Unless we cover ourselves in prayer and work tirelessly day after day to expose and defund this evil monster, our entire society stands to be crushed by his death roll.

Rita Diller is the National Director of American Life League’s Stop Planned Parenthood International project.