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Our National Bender

By Judie Brown

A bender is a spree or a binge. It is a type of behavior that will not function between the lines of being civil or affable. America has been on a bender for more than half a century. Waning faith in God—our Father and King—has given way to the self in more ways than I can recount here, but some examples make my point.

Many people place a higher priority on the plight of our furry friends than they do on the aging humans in our midst. In Massachusetts where animal shelters are overpopulated right now, Mike Keiley, vice president of the Animal Protection Division at MSPCA-Angell Adoption Center, is asking anyone who can to come forward and adopt an animal.

Euthanasia for stray animals is frowned upon, but where the elderly or ailing human is involved, the story is a bit different.

In Washington state, for example, lawmakers are considering a bill that would “force religious hospitals to take part in assisted suicide.” Of course the bill, if passed, would face legal challenges from pro-life/family groups, but in a nation hell-bent on warehousing granny until she becomes a burden to be relieved by killing, one wonders which side will win the day.

You see, opinion makers are all about manipulation of public attitudes so that there appears to be more support for killing than loving. As one media outlet screeched in a headline about pregnancy, “Republican Officials Openly Insult Women Nearly Killed by Abortion Bans.” The idea of expectant mothers actually wanting to carry their babies to term is anathema to such folks. The very people who drive this narrative want everyone to think that carrying a preborn child is a punishment rather than a blessing.

But if you juxtapose that with the idea of killing an animal instead, leaving no stone unturned in the quest to find homes for them, you get the idea what this national bender is all about. The mantra is quite literally animals yes, people no.

This is also why the drive to make deadly contraception more available without a prescription is making headway. Right now there are 29 states where no prescription is required to obtain Opill, a chemical compound that can kill a preborn child.

But what do you think would happen if you asked your veterinarian for a medication to kill your perfectly healthy but inconvenient cat?

Currently in America we have a problem with logic. We have a president who has reduced conscience protections for pro-life people, causing Planned Parenthood’s president to applaud Biden’s “step in the right direction.”

We have the Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump arrogantly telling a gathering regarding his position on abortion, “Nobody has done more in that regard. (But) I happen to be for the exceptions like Ronald Reagan, with the life of the mother, rape, incest. I just have to be there, I feel.” According to CBS News, Trump told Republicans that a consensus about abortion was necessary “in order to ‘win elections.’”

The problem is not so much with the flawed rhetoric of the Bidens and Trumps who engage in murderous doublespeak. It is that the people are not demanding that such leaders stop political posturing that fundamentally ignores the true meaning of freedom and human dignity. This sad state of affairs is the direct result of 50 years of engaging in political football with the fates of innocent persons from creation to death.

Running roughshod over truth, biological facts, and human decency is but another example of the triumph of evil over good in the wake of our deadly national bender.

America, we have grown numb.