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Organized Degradation

By Judie Brown

Loss of respect for the dignity of the human being has been not only an organized strategy but an evil funded by the tax dollars of hardworking Americans. Tragically, most of them either do not realize this or are more than comfortable with the results.

This is why we chose the words of Catholic bishop Joseph Strickland to underscore this fact. In his October 3 pastoral letter, he said the “basic truth of morality—that human sexuality is ordered towards a lifelong, mutually exclusive union open to the gift of new life—must be recovered for the sake of humanity.”

We cannot ignore the wisdom of his words, and yet because of the ubiquitous disdain for human beings, it would seem that morality is subject to debate. This may be why commentator Michael Cook opined that because the word abortion is unpalatable, there are efforts on the part of many to reshape what it means to choose to kill a baby.

One example is the group NARAL, formerly known as the National Abortion Rights Action League and NARAL Pro-Choice America. Today the organization calls itself Reproductive Freedom for All, and its website proclaims that “reproductive freedom is patriotic.” These words suggest that it is out of national loyalty that a mother might kill her baby and that it’s traitorous to choose life. Such language creates the idea that abortion is as American as apple pie, even though we know it is evil.

Whatever the group calls itself, its organized degradation must not be taken lightly. You see, Reproductive Freedom for All is not alone in this preoccupation with mainstreaming the unthinkable.

Planned Parenthood is riding the same train with its mission to kill the preborn, mainstream transgenderism, and market deadly birth control. For those who frame the Planned Parenthood mission, nothing is degrading to the human person as long as it generates an elevation in its bottom line. This is organized wickedness at its worst.

Such practices, when widely accepted, contribute to a numbing of conscience, not to mention an amoral decision to forget about the details even when innocent people are harmed. The story of the woman who expected a prescription for in vitro fertilization hormones but was given abortion medication in error proves this point.

According to CBS 8 News Now, “Documents obtained by the 8 News Now Investigators outline how two technicians and two pharmacists made a series of errors that led to Thomas being given the wrong medication, which essentially terminated her budding pregnancy on the spot.”

During an official hearing held on this tragedy, the pharmacist—knowing that Tamika Thomas’ hopes for successfully carrying her babies to term were shattered—stated that it was “just a human error.”

There are no words sufficient to console Thomas, but the organized degradation present in the words of the corporate representative is enough to suggest that preborn human beings are valueless entities rather than precious human beings.

That alone exposes the underlying evil afoot in so many places these days.

In Veritatis Splendor, St. John Paul II wrote, “Although each individual has a right to be respected in his own journey in search of the truth, there exists a prior moral obligation, and a grave one at that, to seek the truth and to adhere to it once it is known.” His words apply to situations like the CVS employee and so many others who clearly know the truth and yet refuse to accept responsibility for their actions.

Choosing a numb conscience rather than striving to behave responsibly is one of the most disappointing human characteristics of our age. It is the prime example of organized degradation of thought and deed. The prevalence of such indifference among our fellow human beings grieves each of us, as it reminds us to speak out more often and pray fervently, lest the Lord find us asleep when He comes.