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Obama’s Pro-Abortion Superhero and More!

By Judie Brown

Nearly 20 years ago a very holy Jesuit priest, Father John Hardon, defined the United States of America’s cultural condition: “The reason why we have such massive slaughter of the innocents (the latest official figure of 60 million abortions annually throughout the world) is because in the super-developed nations, like our own, we have become a fornicating society, an adulterous society, a masturbating society, a homosexual society, and a contraceptive society.”

This profound insight begins to make perfect sense when we examine current events. Just think about these things in the context of a nation founded by men who proclaimed: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Remember especially that word “Creator,” because if a nation does not respect the laws of God, it surely will not respect the innate dignity of those residing in that nation.

On March 16, President Obama spoke to a group of women as way of focusing attention on Women’s History Month. He was introduced to the group by Sana Amanat of Marvel Comics. As the president began to speak, he said, “For a lot of young boys and girls, Sana is a real life superhero.” He went to state: “We’ve got a lot of them in this room, so I want to acknowledge a couple of them. . . . First of all, we’ve got Cecile Richards in the house, making sure women’s health care is on the front burner.”

Referring back to those words written by Father Hardon, I believe it is safe to say that if Richards is a superhero, our children are in huge trouble. Planned Parenthood’s stock in trade includes aborting babies, promoting birth control to teens, and all manner of sleazy messaging designed to tempt our kids to dangerous behavior. Such activity is not only threatening to the health of the body, but deadly to the soul.

Obama’s “superheroes” are anything but.

And then there’s the case of the abortionist who wrote, “I gave a man an abortion. At a recent session at the health clinic where I provide abortions once a month, I was reminded by the staff to use the pronoun ‘he.’ I was preparing to terminate an early pregnancy for a transgender man who had experienced a contraceptive failure.”

Finally, sort of like the frosting on this evil cake, there’s this tidbit about the associate university professor, Diana Greene Foster, who testified during a Senate committee hearing. She said, “I can imagine situations where the doctors and nurses have decided that there’s not a point in medical intervention. And by whisking the baby away [to attempt treatment], you’ve taken away a woman’s chance to hold her child and say goodbye.”

In other words, allowing the baby to die is the most loving thing to do for all involved.

In response to Foster’s jaundiced opinion, former abortionist Kathi Aultman stated, “The worst complication for an abortionist is to have the baby born alive, and I do not feel that the abortionist has the best interests of that child at stake and the mother may not either.”

So in a nutshell, we have as a nation descended to a level where abortion-hungry executives are superheroes, transgender women-to-men are getting abortions, and medical professionals are debating about whether or not to permit a baby who lives through an abortion to stay alive or die.

Oh my goodness! It is as though the act of aborting a child has become revered!

Yes, the United States is indeed plagued—plagued with a disease of self-absorbed, callous disregard for the Creator without whom not a single person would exist!

Stop the madness. Start with family and friends, community, and the workplace.

Join American Life League in defiance of the culture of our day—this culture of death. Through your actions and words, become a part of our movement to build a culture of life. Pray, be informed, and educate others.


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