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Murder as Essential Healthcare

By Judie Brown

A couple of days ago we saw the headline “U.S. Hospitals, Patients Cancel Elective Surgery as Coronavirus Spreads.” An elective procedure is a surgical intervention on a patient who is not experiencing an emergency. In times of crisis, such procedures can—and often must—be postponed. Medical professionals today are needed to assist in treating life-threatening problems created by the coronavirus.

But wait. There is one elective procedure still going on, and not a single government official has intervened to stop it. Of course I am talking about abortion—an act that is actually chosen to kill a member of the human family.

The National Abortion Federation recently made this announcement: “During this public health crisis, pregnancy care, including abortion care, remains an essential health service.” Calling abortion a “time-sensitive service,” the NAF argues that deferring abortion to a later time is unacceptable, as abortion is an “essential business.”

While you and I might react in horror to such a comment, it is clear that nobody in the medical or legislative community concurs. Not a word has been uttered about calling on abortion mills to end the killing, and it is doubtful that such a request will be made. As many businesses suffer to stay afloat, abortion mills are functioning with business as usual regardless of what the propagandists may claim.

Blogger Mary Chastain wrote “DO NOT EVER say that abortion is part of pregnancy care. Abortion is infanticide. It makes me sick that these people consider it ‘care’ when the end result of abortion is a dead human being.” But she then continues by defending abortion in the case of rape. Such backhanded thinking is mindboggling. It is clear that Chastain understands at some level that the act of abortion is killing a person, yet she defends certain acts of such killing for reasons of rape. It makes no sense.

The muddled thinking of even those who otherwise champion the right to life of preborn babies leaves one wondering: How can anyone be so misguided when it comes to abortion?

The answer is simple. Like millions of our fellow human beings, Chastain has never considered that a preborn baby at any stage of his biological development is a member of the human family. He possesses a body and a soul. In fact, since the soul animates the body, clearly nobody would exist if not for the animation of the body by the individual’s soul.

Therefore, each unique preborn child is totally human, innocent, and worthy of our defense and protection from his actual beginning.

To those who will say or do anything to defend man’s desire to kill his fellow human beings for the sake of convenience, place of residence (the fallopian tube, the womb, the petri dish, etc.), or some other self-interest, we say: “You too have a body and a soul. You too were created and grew prior to your birth. And, had your mother made the choice that you are now suggesting other mothers make, you would not be here at all.”

This is precisely why aborting a preborn child should be defined as a crime, not as an elective procedure. Choosing to kill another human being is murder, not healthcare.