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Measles Vaccine: A Not-So-Innocent Shot in the Arm

To hear the major media tell it, the brouhaha over the MMR vaccine is really nothing more than a misunderstanding created by a former Playboy bunny, Jenny McCarthy, and her allegedly trumped up claims about the connections between autism and the vaccine.

In all the media coverage we have reviewed, there has been a blackout on the single most damning fact about the Merck vaccine—the truly big story that isn’t.

As the research indicates, the original vaccine did not benignly come about because of the altruistic work of a group of scientists. Quite the contrary. The MMR (measles, mumps, rubella combo) vaccine is one of 16 vaccines developed using cells from aborted babies. When the MMR was licensed in 1979, there might have been controversy about the fact that abortion was involved in acquiring the cells in question, but if that was the case, few knew about it. And so the vaccine industry boomed.

In the intervening years, thanks to the diligent work of many who were not satisfied with the status quo involving unethically developed childhood immunizations, alternative vaccines for some of these diseases were developed without aborted fetal remains.

But the recent controversy regarding the measles vaccine and the political fallout surrounding it never get to the core question of the abortion associated with the vaccine, nor do they touch on the facts regarding the moral alternatives that could be made readily available.

While some of us are quite sure that news reports addressing the harvesting of aborted baby bodies for their cells would create quite a stir and expose a deplorable scandal, that attitude is not shared by the keep-abortion-legal media police.

So here we are in the midst of a crisis with a golden opportunity to educate the public on the whole truth regarding the measles outbreak, the vaccine, and alternatives, and all we hear is gobbledygook.

But not everyone is silent. The organization known as Children of God for Life has been waging the battle for ethically produced vaccines for years, and recently its founder, Debi Vinnedge, explained that

Merck officially stopped providing the morally produced separate doses of measles and mumps vaccines in 2009. . . . In 2008 Children of God for Life began a special campaign to Merck when they suddenly stopped making the separate doses. After massive public outcry, Merck promised to begin providing them again the following year. However, in October 2009, they reneged on that promise.

According to Vinnedge, Merck cited low sales reports for the ethically produced vaccine as the reason it no longer offers it. She says Merck must now do the right thing: “As the sole provider of MMR in the US, Merck has a moral and social responsibility to ensure public health and safety by making those separate doses available again.”

Clearly this is the only solution to a vaccine problem created by a corporate decision that puts the bottom line profit margins ahead of doing what is ethical and moral.

You can take action focused on spreading the accurate facts. Share the list of ethical alternatives to vaccines. Demand that Merck do the right thing. And insist that the media expose the facts about these vaccines and how they were developed by using your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media outlets, not to mention letters to the editor, telephone calls, and e-mails.

Finally, share the truth with your friends and neighbors.

Be a voice for justice.