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Let’s Make a Deal

By Judie Brown

Abortion is gaining support in Florida. And in that same state, dealmaker Donald Trump is also gaining support, which should be a wake-up call for every pro-life American. This is so because our nation has somehow forgotten that abortion is not a political question; it is a surgical, chemical, or medical act that kills a human being!

If you think I am beating a dead horse with this definition of abortion, step back and learn. The reason we are fighting for the lives of innocent human beings is because they are being killed under cover of law. This is a fact that we should not even have to share! The development of each of these human beings occurs in the same way, and if not for the science there might be an excuse for what is happening today. But ladies and gentlemen, we have the science!

Even so, we are forced to ask whether average Americans realize that, for politicians, the entire notion of taking a position on abortion is meant to drive voters one way or the other. It has absolutely nothing to do with truth.

This is why the babies are still dying!

According to the news, front-runner and former president Donald J. Trump is charging ahead with his promise to make a deal on abortion that everyone on both sides will be happy about. This is Trump’s way of signaling that, for all intents and purposes, he is not even a little bit pro-life!

But can he be educated?

Will Trump and his supporters learn from Dr. James Sherley, who writes in “Who’s Calling Who a Blob?”:

What do you call something that looks like an embryo and functions like an embryo? An embryo. 

What does it gain us if we trade the humanity of our fellows for the promise of future medical benefits? Ethical principles are often blunted when a cold utilitarian calculus takes priority over recognizing and respecting this humanity. Slavery, abortion, and unethical human experimentation are all enabled by these propagandistic efforts at dehumanization.

Will these folks be affected by the absolute truth that, as Saint John Paul II said, “The first and most fundamental of all human rights is the right to life, and when this right is denied all other rights are threatened. . . . A society will be judged on the basis of how it treats its weakest members; and among the most vulnerable are surely the unborn and the dying.”

We can measure a society by looking at how that population treats the most vulnerable, dependent persons in their midst. And when it comes to comparing that truth with proposals for flawed 15-week abortion bans, regulations on the killing, and proposals that each state should decide whether and when abortions are committed, it is safe to say that America is on the brink of making a deal with the devil himself.

All of this talk about deals and compromises reminds me of the wisdom of one of American Life League’s most beloved advisors, Professor Charles Rice, who wrote:

Abortion is not itself the ultimate problem. It is rather a symptom of a total disorder, a total rebellion against God’s law. In the face of that disorder, a partial, compromising response is inappropriate. Rather, the response must be total as the disorder is total. And it must be essentially religious because the disorder is religious.

In his article, Rice said that a new pro-life movement is needed. It would be “primarily religious, appealing to all persons of all religions, who recognize that the abortion problem is a manifestation of the simple issue: Who is God, the real God or the state?”

Any suggestion that a human being could, politically or otherwise, make a “deal” when striving to end abortion is foolhardy. Yet this twisted logic has been burgeoning ever since the first compromise was made regarding the fate of the preborn person years ago. At this juncture, I urge my fellow pro-life people to remember that every single one of these babies is God’s, not ours, which is why no principled human being would ever suggest making a deal with God.

No exceptions, no compromise . . . ever!