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Legally-Protected Serial Killers

By Judie Brown

We know that every abortion kills a human being created in the image and likeness of God. And we know that each of these individuals, from her biological beginning, is a unique and unrepeatable miracle.

Yet even though these facts can be known to everyone regardless of faith, the majority of Americans do not see these children as human beings. When it comes to abortionists, however, the story is different.

More than a few abortionists actually pride themselves on killing these babies with no apologies. The following is a grim reminder of their cruelty, their black hearts, and the evil they spread.

Abortionist LeRoy Carhart crows publicly about his profession, telling one reporter that he had no problem killing a baby “if it’s in the mother’s uterus.”

There are two problems with that statement. The first is that he uses the word BABY freely and does so because that is who he is killing. For that, he has no apologies. In fact, he jokes about the practice. According to LifeNews, Carhart said: “‘I think that it is a baby . . . and . . . I use it [the word baby] with the patients.’” The second is that, even though he uses the words “in the mother’s uterus,” Carhart performs very late-term abortions, also known as partial-birth abortions. In fact, he was the center of a Supreme Court decision that half-heartedly outlawed the procedure.

But Carhart is not unique to this genre of serial killers. Let’s not forget Kermit Gosnell who, thank God, finally went to jail, but not because he killed babies prior to birth. Gosnell was imprisoned when found guilty of killing babies after they were born. In other words, his crime was killing babies who survived abortion but who died at his hand anyway because he was hell-bent on killing them.

Next we see New Mexico abortionist Dr. Carmen Landau, who is described as a family medicine doctor, when in reality she is a late-term abortionist. She administers injections to kill the children in utero and likens the practice to giving the baby “a flu shot.” Landau is currently performing third-trimester abortions at Southwestern Women’s in Albuquerque and at another location in Dallas, Texas.

Also killing babies in the third trimester at this clinic are Curtis Boyd, MD and Shelley Sella, MD.

Boyd is currently under investigation by the New Mexico Medical Board for the alleged death of a female patient who died following a late-term abortion. However, criminal charges have not been brought against him.

According to reports, Mew Mexico is the late-term abortion capital of the nation and is a state where late-term abortion is against the law but the law is not being enforced.

In another example of evil, we see Boulder, Colorado, late-term abortionist Warren Hern, who wrote in an editorial for the New York Times that “pregnancy is a life-threatening condition.” Hern’s letter was an attack on a the recently signed Alabama law, described as the most restrictive law in America. In his verbal attack on the law, Hern says: “Perhaps the vagueness of the law and the confusion is the point. Vagueness and confusion are tools of tyranny.”

This is rich, considering the fact that this man makes his living killing little babies—the ultimate definition of a tyrant.

These notorious men and women—along with everyone involved in killing the preborn—are a pox on this nation. The evil they perpetrate is a stench that must be eradicated.

There is no such thing as an expendable or unwanted person. While it is tragic that in the United States the practice of abortion is decriminalized and our laws protect these serial killers, we carry on with hope and fervor knowing that our cause is just.

Abortion must end. Please God.