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How Do I Love Thee, Abortion?

By Judie Brown

“How do I Love Thee?” the title of Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s beloved poem, asks a crucial question. So devoted to the love of her life was she that Browning penned words to express that love. But in the case of those who apparently are devoted to killing preborn babies by acts of abortion, their twisted devotion is anything but an act of love! Such cruel and inhumane punishment is disordered beyond belief.

To those who are fanning the flames in support of unlimited abortion, killing innocents is nothing more than a woman’s right. Let’s think about this honestly.

In Orange, California, Planned Parenthood called 911 due to a patient emergency but then refused to give details. Having investigated this, Operation Rescue president Troy Newman said, “Unfortunately, the staff at these facilities withhold information and obscure details during 911 calls concerning the condition of the women they injure, putting the women in even more danger.”

Even though Planned Parenthood loves the killing more than the fate of the expectant mother it guides toward killing her child, Planned Parenthood remains the recipient of our tax money. We deduce from this that our government loves abortion as much if not more than Planned Parenthood does.

Yet that is not the worst of it. As we readily observe, abortionists are vocal and committed to their trade. In Kansas, for example, when HB 2749, an abortion regulation law, was enacted, abortion doctors screamed bloody murder in protest. Then lo and behold, the state supreme court threw the law out!

In Wisconsin, pro-life citizens are facing Planned Parenthood’s legal challenge to the state’s 1849 abortion law. The Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty issued a statement, saying in part, “No judge, justice, or lawyer should be creating policy for Wisconsinites out of thin air—yet that’s what is happening now. Wisconsin’s Supreme Court is making a historic mistake by even considering an original action in this case.”

But what such words do not explain is that in essence when any state is merely regulating the killing of babies, it is not addressing the fundamental fact that abortion kills people.

A common thread throughout these situations is the dedication Planned Parenthood possesses to defend every single abortion and justify such a philosophy with millions of tax dollars.

This includes North Carolina, where abortion practitioner Katherine Farris, a Planned Parenthood medical officer, is complaining about a state law limiting abortion in her state. A report explains that, according to Farris, what is happening now is that abortion docs are “stretching themselves thin to see as many patients as possible—knowing they can never meet the full demand. Patients desperately pulling resources together to book an appointment—often driving hours for care. Clinics turning patients beyond the state’s limits away without knowing whether they will be able to travel elsewhere.”

In other words, the practitioners with a vested interest in their financial well-being will cry wolf at the slightest modification of access to legal abortion. Apparently even a 12-week permission slip from lawmakers cannot sate the appetites these people have for killing the innocent.

As we have said repeatedly over the past 50 years, the only solution to the abortion bloodbath is the total protection of every innocent preborn child without exception. This position, however, does not satisfy the political world because there are no true believers in the sanctity of human life among them, as evidenced by the party platforms.

Whether or not this will change in the foreseeable future is really not the question. The goal, the challenge, and the priority among us should be that no preborn baby should ever be killed because of age, health, or condition of dependency. Total protection is our mantra, our God-given assignment, and our reason for proclaiming pro-life truth.

How do I love thee, Lord God, Our Almighty Father? Totally and always!