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Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is once again upon us and we are reminded to be thankful for all that we have. No matter what is going on in our lives—the strife, the hardships, the pain—we use this holiday to focus on our blessings. But this is not just something we should do at Thanksgiving. We should strive to be thankful each and every day of the year. So many times we focus on what we don’t have, or what we want, that we lose focus of those really good or special things that we do have.

That is why Thanksgiving is so marvelous. It invites us to reflect upon our blessings and to be grateful for them. And when we really examine how many blessings have been bestowed upon us, we can do none other than fall to our knees in gratitude, for all that we have comes from our Lord.

And the fact that we are here to give thanks is a testament to our parents who have given us life. For that too, if not most of all, we must always be thankful. Yet there are many people this holiday season who are struggling with a pregnancy, who are contemplating what they should do about infertility, or who are saddened because they aborted their own child. We must pray for them and their families as well. Finally, let us pray that children from creation forward are given the chance to live the life that God intended for them.

As you celebrate with family and friends, and enjoy all of the delicious treats set before you, remember the smallest among us who need you and your prayers. Remember their little faces and their tiny beating hearts. And pray that some day they, too, will be able to sit around a table giving thanks for life, for love, and for every joy that has come to them.

Always be thankful and have a very blessed Thanksgiving.