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Created by God, Destroyed by Man

By Judie Brown

St. Ignatius of Loyola wrote in his Spiritual Exercises,

“Man is created to praise, reverence, and serve God our Lord, and by this means to save his soul.” 

This is a fundamental principle for Christians, but in this world, it is anathema to many. Why? Because if a human being views himself as autonomous, he feels free to pursue all manner of behavior without concern for morality or ethics. And in the process the servant becomes the aggressor. The vulnerable become the prey.

Catholic commentator Dr. Jeffrey Mirus points out

God’s Word is now joined intrinsically and exclusively in its fullness to the Church. Therefore, we must never try to divide or separate from the Church. If we do this, we become our own little powerless “words” that seek to return to Him on our own—in other words, empty, or as another translation puts it, void. It is always better to suffer the pains of obedience than to pretend some ecclesiastical evil is so great that, out of righteousness, we must separate from the Church.

So when someone tells me that those willing to kill the preborn should not be allowed to govern the living, I pay attention. He speaks for millions of us who understand the heinous nature of aborting a child. The consequences are everywhere. A smattering of such results will suffice. 

To begin, surrogate mother Brittney Pearson was hired by two men to create their “dream family,” but as Lila Rose tweeted: “While pregnant, Brittney received a breast cancer diagnosis & decided to deliver the baby early at 25 weeks so she could receive chemo treatment while giving the child a possible chance of survival. She said her thought was, ‘I want to keep this baby safe & bring it earthside.’”

The two gay men subsequently had the baby killed because they did not “want to pay Brittney for a baby born before 38 weeks due to the potential health problems of a premature baby.” 

In another example, families in Missouri are suing to block the state’s ban on gender-affirming “healthcare” for children. According to the report, Planned Parenthood had been preparing to provide this so-called treatment. The attorney for Lambda Legal claims that the ban “is not just harmful and cruel; it is life-threatening.” But their agenda supports the gender bending taking place in our nation today, so they have a vested interest in fighting basic biological facts.

In yet another story, we are introduced to a Vermont high school snowboarding coach named David Bloch, who was dismissed due to a comment he made regarding biology when one of the students in his school mentioned that a transgender person would be competing. One particularly illuminating report about this states, “Bloch was fired on Feb. 9, just one day after he had a brief conversation with two students about the biological differences between men and women.”

As with Coach Bloch and all those who teach truth, sometimes a glimmer of hope does shine through. We all know how unpopular Catholic sexual ethics are, be they regarding the use of birth control or homosexuality.

Protestants have never liked Catholic standards, and far too many Catholic leaders and pew sitters have found the truth tough to swallow. But now, according to one article, “pop culture” may finally see the point. It seems that the more women learn about the “direct impact” contraception has on their bodies, the more they want alternatives.

She writes, “When secular culture shows an increasing interest in health choices consistent with Catholic principles, perhaps we should enter into a serious dialogue before we try to change the teaching.”

Pope Francis has reiterated these truths with a focus recently on contraception, writing that “no genital act of husband and wife can refuse this meaning, even when for various reasons it may not always in fact beget a new life.”

As the torrent of sexual perversions continues, we are obliged to consistently focus on truth. By doing so we shine a light into that darkness that has crept into the lives of so many and tarnished their souls.

It has become abundantly clear that attempts within the body politic to deny that God had it right in the first place deny truth and harm human beings.