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Come, Let Us Adore Him

By Judie Brown

During these final days of Advent preparation for the birth of Christ, many thoughts, emotions, and ideas flood our minds. How much wrapping is left? How many gifts did we forget to buy? These and lots of other tangible things distract us from the one true concern we should have. I remember this challenge from my childhood: “Have you prepared your soul as the only gift that matters, that is the preparation of your soul for the Baby Jesus?”

Even though that challenge was made to me nearly three quarters of a century ago when I was in Catholic grade school, the question still comes to mind as preeminent in these final days before Christmas. Are we really ready for His birth?

When I look at our nation, listen to those who complain about Pope Francis, and watch the milieu in our streets and neighborhoods, the concern grows. Are we ready?

Is it possible to prepare for the coming of Christ in a nation where the allegedly Catholic president, Joe Biden, is embracing homosexual marriage and calling his signature on a piece of gay marriage legislation “a blow against hate”? If this man, who clearly has no concept of the Catholic teaching on sexual sins, is using his bully pulpit to spread hatred for Christ under the guise of equality, are we ready?

Yes, we are. Those of us who are weak vessels within the body of Christ know that the evil and suspect actions of others—including those in positions of power—do not impact our personal love and devotion to the One who comes as a baby on Christmas. In that manger was born the answer to every evil confronting our world today, including every embrace of intrinsically disordered acts.

We come to Christ bearing our own souls and our sins, asking Him to be with us. We know that His truth overcomes every evil and that in Him there resides a peace beyond anyone’s understanding. This is why we strive to be all that He expects us to be, resolving to leave the actions of those who detest Him to His divine will. After all, St. Paul assures us in Galatians 6:7, “Don’t delude yourself: God is not to be fooled; whatever someone sows, that is what he will reap.”

With this firmly in mind, we are aghast when proponents of abortion decry the Dobbs decision, claiming that in Mississippi, for example, the rise in the birth rate will lead to more infant deaths.

Add to this the Biden administration assertion that the rise in the birth rate is “devastating” because it claims that healthcare facilities are not ready for the surge in births. And why not? Is it because these facilities prefer to kill rather than to serve?

Common sense suggests that maternal health and welfare should be part of the social policies of this nation rather than the direct killing of our progeny, but sadly more than a few have a different view. And this is why on the eve of Christ’s birth, we must focus on praying and working to ensure that our abortion nation becomes a nation committed to affirming motherhood, fatherhood, and the gift of children.

At this time in our history, we harken to the words of St. John Paul II who defined the family as “a communion between persons.” In his wisdom, he wrote in Familiaris Consortio that “the fostering of authentic and mature communion between persons within the family is the first and irreplaceable school of social life, and example and stimulus for the broader community relationships marked by respect, justice, dialogue and love.”

Keeping these insightful words in mind, we kneel at the manger, singing “Come, let us adore Him” and pray that He blesses those with ears to hear and hearts open to Him with the diligence required to spread His message across our land.

Merry Christmas from all of us at American Life League!