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A Nation on the Edge

By Judie Brown

The dire state of our nation, exemplified by the twisted beliefs and ideologies of too many folks, has become all too prevalent recently. And if we are not careful, the actions that take us to the edge will push us over it.

For instance, Professor Jerry Coyne sees no problem with spewing his bizarre ideas and infecting others with his beliefs. He is the University of Chicago educator who recently blogged that infanticide could be practiced on born babies with genetic abnormalities because it is legal to abort preborn children with those very same challenges. Now he has proposed that doctors kill suicidal depressed people via euthanasia when antidepressants don’t work! And if a physician who is uncomfortable with doing this resists, Coyne recommends referring the patient to a doctor who has no qualms about killing him.

Another scary tale comes from former Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson, who recently told the Christian Post that Planned Parenthood does indeed profit from the sale of aborted baby body parts—a practice she witnessed firsthand during her tenure there. According to Johnson: “Shipping only costs a clinic $4 to $10 but they are sometimes charging $100 to $200 for each baby. . . . They are charging additional fees, but in reality there are no additional fees except for minimal shipping costs. . . . There is definitely money to be made and that’s an issue with the current law.”

Speaking about the legality of the practice, Johnson explained: “If there’s a loophole, Planned Parenthood will blow through it.”

In an interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, Johnson expounded on PP’s practice and stated: “Even half of those, women, you know, having tissue that is suitable to be donated, ‘donated’ [she added with finger-quote marks] or sold, then you know, you’re looking at over two million dollars a year just at that one clinic.” Money for the spilled blood of the most innocent among us? It’s beyond despicable; it’s terrifying.

In addition to being the nation’s top abortion business, PP continually finds new ways to pollute the minds of our young—including preschoolers! A new guidebook for parents and teachers from Planned Parenthood pushes its agenda that children as young as four should be taught that their genital organs do not necessarily determine their sex! This is the latest in the gender identity garbage being spewed by those whose concept of the human person is skewed by false facts—the kind of propaganda that misinforms, deludes, and leads souls to a tragic flirtation with every type of sexual sin.

This prompted Stop Planned Parenthood International founder Jim Sedlak to recently write: “Planned Parenthood has the game plan for fundraising: sin, crime and sex. The fact that it takes in massive amounts of funding, including over $500 million from the American taxpayer, is not surprising. The fact that millions of Americans blindly accept the lies of Planned Parenthood is shocking.”

And as if the teachings of Coyne and the practices of Planned Parenthood were not enough, we may have a new face in the ministry business! In your wildest dreams, could you ever imagine pro-abortion Hillary Clinton becoming a Methodist preacher? This may become a reality! Her pastor Bill Shillady says: “Given her depth of knowledge of the Bible and her experience of caring for people and loving people, she’d make a great pastor.” In the meanwhile, Shillady is set to release a new book entitled Strong for a Moment Like This: The Daily Devotions of Hillary Rodham Clinton. Perhaps Clinton should review the 5th Commandment which states “Thou shall not kill” before she considers standing behind a pulpit.

Do you understand why I stated that our nation is on the edge? It is as though the same sort of demons that Christ dealt with in Mark 5:13 have possessed folks today in burgeoning numbers. If you recall, rather than listen to Christ, “Legion” preferred possessing pigs and running off a cliff! Our society is poised to do the same.

But you and I have the tools to stop this madness. We can, as Cardinal Robert Sarah recently said, “be prophetic.” He continued, “The book of Proverbs tells us: ‘Where there is no vision, discernment, the people perish.’”

ALL has many tools to offer the vision and discernment that Cardinal Sarah speaks of. We can teach our children the principles of what it takes to build a culture of life. We can learn the facts for stopping Planned Parenthood International and spread those facts everywhere. We can develop youth outreach programs with the help of Life Defenders and get into the business of teaching teens and college students how to evangelize for Christ. And finally, we can pray for our nation, especially for those who need to recognize the truth and turn away from wickedness and toward the light of Christ.

We are near the edge, but we have not yet fallen off. We must be proactive in turning back or we will fall—and the plummet off this cliff will be catastrophic.

image: Ino Paap via Flickr | CC-2.0