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A Deadly Valentine

By Judie Brown

We just celebrated Valentine’s Day—one of the most romantic days of the year. It is also the feast day of Saint Valentine, about whom very little is known. It is said that he took risks to marry couples during a time when Christians were being persecuted. Further, he was pressured to renounce his faith and was beaten to death with clubs and then beheaded for not succumbing to such demands. We remember him as a valiant servant of truth and the patron saint of love.

Contrast this with today’s attitudes toward marriage, love, and children. In this era we seem hard-pressed to find such heroism. In fact, one could say that some have gone to great lengths to glamorize killing and obscure truth.

Some have even blatantly attacked documented facts, erroneously labeling them as flawed. Given what we know about the ideological jibes regarding studies addressing the abortion pill, it is safe to say that many in the media will set the table for killing the innocent at any cost.

Case in point is the retraction of published studies on the abortion pill. It seems that, at least according to Sage publishing spokesman, their experts “identified fundamental problems with the study design and methodology, unjustified or incorrect factual assumptions, material errors in the authors’ analysis of the data, and misleading presentations of the data that, in their opinions, demonstrate a lack of scientific rigor and invalidate the authors’ conclusions in whole or in part.”

But the truth is that lead researcher James Studnicki, PhD, MPH, MBA, has had a distinguished career and has been published in numerous prestigious journals. So what is the problem with the abortion pill studies he conducted with fellow researchers? The studies concluded that there are serious risks associated with the pill. The evidence these studies document had to be quashed before the Supreme Court hears oral arguments in the abortion pill case on March 26 of this year.

Sadly the publisher was all too willing to pander to the abortion cartel. And that action alone represents a deadly decision to continue the chemical killing of preborn children at all costs, even burying the truth.

We are not shocked by such blatant manipulation of truth by the enemies of life. But what about the voices of reason, particularly those of the Catholic bishops? Where are they on this topic? The truth might surprise you.

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops is calling for action on immigration laws, but they are not putting out an action item on the abortion pill. And while it is true that they have published an explanation of the pill and its deadly consequences, they have not taken direct action on the pill court case. In fact, they have not provided the Supreme Court with a single brief on the subject even though the evidence required to prepare such a brief is copious.

So the question comes down to a simple matter of priorities. Preborn children die every day because of surgical operations, chemical abortion, and practices in the IVF laboratories, but one wonders who is focused on the fate of all these babies. There is a greater need for basic education at every level of society, yet the killing continues.

It occurs to us that the deadliest Valentine of all is the silence that exists among elected officials who claim to be pro-life and those who lead the churches—men who should be pro-life in every fiber of their being. This year their Valentine to our most precious resource—our children both born and preborn—appears to be their acquiescence to evil.

Deadly hardly describes it.