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Unless Souls Are Saved, There Can Be No Peace

By Rey Flores

Unless souls are saved, nothing is saved; there can be no world peace unless there is soul peace. World wars are only projections of the conflicts waged inside the souls of men and women, for nothing happens in the external world that has not first happened within a soul. — From Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen’s Peace of Soul 

No truer words could be said of today’s cultural turmoil and chaos. While we all know that the story ends with Christ’s most precious blood washing away our sins, it remains a difficult thing to witness so much pain and suffering in our world.

In what appears to be an escalating culture war between those who believe in the sanctity of life and those who believe in the unholy, we truly must be prepared for the battle on the spiritual front.

Evil is no longer lurking in the shadows of the night, but is in full display with a blinding neon sign proclaiming its presence and seducing those who are unguarded. Not everyone likes to wear the uncomfortable and heavy armor of God, but in the end it will absolutely protect us.

Evil is now quite apparent, whether it’s a gaggle of pro-aborts chanting “Hail Satan” at the Texas state capitol building or pop singer Miley Cyrus taking the stage at the annual MTV Video Music Awards, gyrating suggestively like a succubus wagging its drug-tongue at America. We are under serious spiritual attack.

The culture of death takes no prisoners. That is why we call it the culture of death. I don’t think many people believe in the malevolent spirits that are truly working overtime to drag us into sin and eternal damnation. 

Our entire world is in the greatest peril modern man has ever known. I don’t mean the kind of peril that may dismember us or even physically kill us. The danger we face is so much greater—greater than we could ever imagine.

The irony is that the very same supposed-peaceniks who helped put President Barack Obama in the White House are the most ardent pro-aborts who see nothing wrong with chopping an innocent baby to bits, even outside the womb.

It took a persistent social media campaign by pro-life activists to draw attention to the Kermit Gosnell horrors before the pro-abortion news media propaganda machine ever mentioned it in their useless publications.

Not only is the evil real, but so many have been snowed and are both equally evil and complicit participants in promoting the culture of depravity and death, or they are simply useful idiots helping propagate it.

Abortion, contraception, homosexuality, pornographic entertainment, dumbed down Common Core school curriculums, the list goes on and on. Add to all this a government that is hell bent on outlawing Christianity—as in the case of a proposed ordinance in the city of San Antonio, Texas—and we have something that resembles hell right here on earth.

Churches are being burned down to the ground around the world, Catholics are being murdered because of our faith, and our government does nothing to condemn these acts.

Fret not, because this battle isn’t over. Prayer is our most powerful weapon.

Take full advantage of the Holy Mass, Eucharistic adoration, and all of the sacraments still available to us as much as possible. We never know just how soon these gifts will be taken from us by the growing persecution of Christians in our nation.

They may be able to burn down our churches, but they can never burn down the undying love for our Lord and His Church that we must have. We must be prepared to die as martyrs as many courageous saints, priests, and lay Catholics have done before us.

Like martyred Mexican priest Blessed Miguel Pro’s last words at his execution, arms stretched out like Christ crucified, we too must proclaim “¡VIVA CRISTO REY!” Long live Christ the King!

The pro-aborts may have the high-dollar donors, news propagandists, and a soul-sick government behind them, but what they haven’t got is the truth. Those who defend human life and human dignity have the truth of our Lord Jesus Christ and that trumps anything they’ve got.

Let us heed the words of venerable Fulton J. Sheen, for we are the Church Militant.

Rey Flores is the director of outreach for American Life League and can be contacted directly at 540-907-5825 or at
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