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The Pill Kills Life and Truth

By Rey Flores

On June 6, American Life League, STOPP (Stop Planned Parenthood International), and over 30 cosponsors will once more protest the pill across the nation.

Wherever the poison pill is being distributed—whether it is the local Planned Parenthood, CVS, Walgreens, or Walmart—we must be present on June 6 to educate women who are still being preyed upon by the Big Pharma profiteers and the culture of death.

Oftentimes we hear the argument from the pro-aborts saying that if the pill were made more readily available to more women, there’d be fewer abortions. Technically, I guess any misinformed person may see that as logical, but therein lies the problem.

People do not understand abortifacients because they are painted to be something that is preventative rather than the exterminatory drugs that they truly are.

The pill often terminates a pregnancy; it doesn’t just prevent one. The IUD, Depo-Provera, NuvaRing, the Ortho-Evra patch, and the Plan B Morning-After Pill are all abortifacients that do kill a human being when the drugs actually work like they’re supposed to. When they don’t work like they’re supposed to—which is no accident—there is always surgical abortion to fall back on. Many people think of this as an alternate form of contraception.

Simply put, you cannot fight abortion if you are not fighting contraception. You cannot call yourself pro-life if you aren’t invested in fighting the dangers of contraceptives like the ones I’ve mentioned here.

The pill kills babies, hurts and sometimes kills women as well, causes cancer and other illnesses, and has had adverse effects even on our ecology and in waterways.

Oftentimes it is within our own faith communities that women and couples are using the pill and other abortifacients, either not realizing that they are participating in abortion or not caring.

The Pill Kills campaign is equally as important as other national pro-life campaigns such as 40 Days for Life. Yet, this is just one day that is set aside to bring the truth about the killer pill to women and couples across America.

I encourage you to contact Rita Diller at STOPP to sign up as a cosponsor for The Pill Kills 2015 event on June 6 and to organize an event in your area where you can distribute some of the free downloadable literature. Bringing the truth about the pill to your community is your obligation as a pro-life activist and advocate.

If you cannot participate in person, but have access to Facebook or Twitter, share information from our Pill Kills website and Tweet using the hashtag #ThePillKills on June 6, or even before.

Contact Rita Diller at and visit for more information. Also join us on Facebook and follow and retweet our tweets on Twitter. Then invite your friends to do the same!

Rey Flores is director of outreach for American Life League. Contact Rey at