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The CCHD, Wendy Davis, and the Obama connection

By Rey Flores

On November 23 and 24, 2013, we will once again be hearing from a declining number of wayward priests and bishops across the country to contribute to the annual Catholic Campaign for Human Development, more commonly known as the CCHD collection.

Just the mere mention causes a mixed range of reactions from Catholics across the nation—mainly anger and confusion.

Having been the former director of the CCHD in Chicago, I can again assure you that all is still not right with this campaign. Year after year and report after report from several reliable sources have not been enough to convince the bishops that this annual collection no longer serves the noble purpose it purports to fulfill.

Also, year after year, the public relations spin doctors and peace and justice bureaucrats at the USCCB keep telling us to “move along, nothing to see here.”

How can we believe them when the national director of the CCHD is none other than Mr. Ralph McCloud, a lay Catholic with quite an interesting connection to Texas gubernatorial candidate and pro-abortion filibuster favorite Wendy Davis?

American Life League has reported this in the past, but somehow it makes a temporary splash and then the fox inevitably sneaks back into the henhouse.

Why aren’t our bishops seeing what we are seeing? Are they still wearing the rose-colored glasses of political correctness that have caused so much grief and damage to the Catholic Church in America?

Again for the record, the USCCB’s Ralph McCloud, head of the CCHD, was a fundraiser for Wendy Davis.

In a June 2013 article published on the LifeSiteNews website, American Life League’s Michael Hichborn had this to say shortly after Davis’ filibuster in the Texas capitol: “The real problem here is that McCloud had an obligation to know where Wendy Davis stood on moral issues before he gave her a ringing endorsement and agreed to be her campaign treasurer, but he didn’t even ask. . . . If he is unable to discern where a colleague he’s worked with for six years stood on abortion, then how on Earth is he going to be able to determine which organizations are worthy of Catholic funds? It would seem that our findings over the past four years speak for themselves.”

I don’t see how much clearer we could be.

Most recently, the CCHD continues down its seemingly incorrigible path and continues to shovel out its canned responses that do nothing more than insult the intelligence and charity of all Catholics.

In an October 29, 2013, press release, the USCCB’s CCHD flaunts some groups that again raise some red flags: “In the Archdiocese of Seattle and the Dioceses of Spokane and Yakima, the Intercommunity Peace and Justice Center works with help from 16 religious communities and local ‘Women’s Justice Circles.’ One program, ‘Justice for Women,’ organizes women living in poverty by bringing them together with economically stable women from local faith communities. With low-income women in the lead, the circles identify the conditions that need changing and offer women spiritual strength and support.”

These “circles” sound more like new age Wiccan covens than anything else, and it’s the wayward nuns who run these programs who further malform poor immigrant women away from the Catholic Church. Instead of helping them, they are hurting them.

Like most of CCHD’s social justice jargon, it’s all about “empowerment” and “justice” and “organizing” this or that. Never does our Catholic identity enter its vocabulary. Talking about sin, death, and eternal souls is anathema to these social justice wannabes.

The CCHD is the official “eraser” of all Catholic identity in the American Catholic Church. We have gone so far off the reservation that it is almost impossible for us to find our way back!

The only remedy for the corrupt and incorrigible CCHD is to drive a stake of true justice through that program’s black heart and have the bishops start focusing once more on saving souls.

One look at all of the socialist agendas and Christian persecution going on right outside our windows should be telling enough on how this namby-pamby, do-gooder, social justice ecumenism has ravaged our Church like a terminal cancer.

I strongly recommend you read Phyllis Schlafly and George Neumayr’s No Higher Power: Obama’s War on Religious Freedom at your earliest convenience. In the appendix, you will find documentation straight from the vaults of the Archdiocese of Chicago, where it outlines how our bishops were giving Barack Obama $33,000 a year to basically organize leftists with Catholic money.

Within the same documents, you will find how ACORN was also receiving $30,000 for its ridiculously named “Homesteaders Rights Project,” which was the beginning of the eventual Fannie May/Freddie Mac housing collapse.

Also, as ACORN’s Madeline Talbott was getting her check, her husband Keith Kelleher was receiving a cool $20,000 for his Chicago Homecare Organizing Project. Kelleher’s endeavor today stands as the Service Employees International Union’s fifth largest local for the SEIU.

All of the facts you need to know are well-documented in these documents I helped procure for Neumayr. All demonstrate just how much the CCHD and some corrupt bishops are complicit in the way our country is falling apart as we speak.

Say no to the CCHD once and for all, and please share this far and wide with your Catholic family and friends.

Rey Flores is the director of outreach for American Life League and can be reached at
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