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Stop Planned Parenthood and the Seaside Sex Conference

By Rita Diller

The news from Seaside, Oregon, exposing the sex conference that targets children as young as 11 with unspeakable filth cloaked as sexuality education was so explosive that it has hit the Drudge report and other national news outlets over the past two weeks. While we are extremely grateful that the depravity of the conference and the role of Oregon state agencies have been widely publicized, the entity that completes the ties between the conference and the public schools has gotten a pass from media coverage. Planned Parenthood is on the steering committee of the annual Oregon Adolescent Sexuality Conference in Seaside and is very active in the continuum of smut that pervades the conference and Oregon public school sex education.

Planned Parenthood has become the master of operating in stealth as a means of taking charge of children in public schools. It knows that if parents and grandparents get wind of its involvement, they will start looking into and challenging what is going on in the schools. As a result, the abortion giant operates in the background as much as possible when it comes to its myriad dealings with children.

But if you look a little more closely, you will find Planned Parenthood in the shadows when not front and center—in the development and institutionalization of sex education in the schools.

Brad Victor, who heads WISE, is clearly in charge at the annual conference. WISE is the umbrella under which Planned Parenthood and others are working to institutional sex education in Oregon schools. Those interested in institutionalizing morally repugnant sex education worked together under Victor’s umbrella in 2009 to obtain the first grant for WISE in Oregon. A March 2010 WISE newsletter lists three Planned Parenthood employees—two from PP Columbia Willamette and one from Planned Parenthood Southwestern Oregon along with Brad Victor from the Oregon Department of Education among the WISE “team members.”

While Planned Parenthood may hide in the shadows at times to avoid exposure of its presence in the schools, it is fairly forthright with its agenda. Planned Parenthood Columbia Willamette laid its cards on the table in regard to teen sexuality with its repulsive Take Care Down There online video presentation that features teens acting out scenarios that include requests to examine one another’s genitals and acting like they are engaged in oral sex. The video was briefly removed following exposure by American Life League and others, but then put back online where it remains today.

It was also PP Columbia Willamette that was behind years of harassment and the eventual firing of longtime Portland high school teacher Bill Diss after he protested the building of a Planned Parenthood mega abortion center and subsequently tried to protect his students from Planned Parenthood representatives who showed up unannounced in his tutorial classroom. Planned Parenthood was bribing students to participate in its TOPS sex program by giving them gifts and cash.

Promoting, writing, requiring, and teaching morally repugnant “comprehensive sex education,” such as was being pushed at the ASC and in WISE-connected school districts in Oregon, is a priority for Planned Parenthood.

And while WISE is afloat in foundation funding, Planned Parenthood in Oregon is immersed in government funding that takes it into the schools to promote the WISE/Planned Parenthood agenda of anything-goes sex, as long as it is “consensual” and “protected.”

In addition to its share of over half a billion dollars in taxpayer money annually received by Planned Parenthood affiliates, Oregon Planned Parenthood facilities were among 15 Planned Parenthood affiliates nationwide that received federal teen pregnancy prevention funding from an initial pot of $114.4 million.

Ironically, WISE leader Brad Victor is a spokesperson in Oregon for the Teen Pregnancy Task Force. One might ask, How does the kind of smut Victor and Planned Parenthood are pushing prevent teen pregnancy? The simple answer is that it doesn’t—and it is not intended to.

Victor is listed among the authors of “Shifting the Paradigm in Oregon from Teen Pregnancy Prevention to Youth Sexual Health.” The article trumpets the Oregon Youth Sexual Health Plan, which was designed with the Oregon Youth Sexual Health Partnership to be used as an instrument to move from abstinence-only sex education to all-encompassing, anything-goes, Planned Parenthood-style sex education. It also dramatically increased the school-based health clinics (SBHCs) in Oregon and expansion of Planned Parenthood office hours. Quoting Victor’s paper: “During 2009–2011, the state legislature expanded SBHC investment, opening seven new SBHCs. Oregon requires that SBHCs provide basic reproductive health services and allow direct access to clinical care for school-aged young people. Planned Parenthood of Southwestern Oregon, a partner in the OYSHP [and also a WISE partner], increased clinic hours and expanded services in four underserved communities.”

The report goes on to say that “the first collaborative” effort of Planned Parenthood, WISE, and other partners was to change Oregon law to require “comprehensive sex education.” The article says Oregon’s sex education is among the most comprehensive in the nation. At the 2013 Oregon ASC, Brad Victor characterized it as the most progressive in the nation, and bragged that it was passed under parental radar.

The article states that, as of the date of publication in 2013, the OYSHP agencies, including Planned Parenthood, had secured government and foundation funding “being used in 21 of Oregon’s 36 counties.” The report continues, “The Oregon Youth Sexual Health Plan emphasizes that young people should be involved in all aspects of sexual health work, from planning to program evaluation.”

And involved they are. Teens are teaching disturbing sex classes to other teens and adults at the Oregon ASC—a class an adult attendee in 2013 described as “sexy.” In a 2014 class, a teen presenter blew up and lubricated a condom, then put it between his legs and simulated a sex act, to uproarious laughter from teens and adults in the room. Young teen boys were manning a table at the 2013 ASC that featured decoupage artwork containing multiple pictures of vaginas, indicating how they are supposed to smell and picturing a small girl on a tricycle. Around the outer edges of the piece were the words, “Everyone can come inside.” These students have gotten the message loud and clear from Planned Parenthood and its partners.

As for proof that the Oregon Youth Sexual Health Plan is working to prevent teen pregnancy and improve sexual health, well, there is none. The 2013 article closes by saying: “As Oregon’s work to address youth sexual health issues develops in the coming years, the state will be able to monitor sexual health outcome and behavior indicators to show the effectiveness of a holistic approach to sexual health.”

Eliminating the Oregon Adolescent Sexuality Conference is something that cries out to the heavens to be done. But we mustn’t forget that as long as the long arm of the ASC provided by Planned Parenthood is allowed to reach into the schools, funded by the government, serving up the same garbage to students that flows from the ASC, the problem in Oregon will not be solved and young people will continue to lack protection from this abuse. Sex ed curricula in the schools must be very closely scrutinized and eliminated. Parents, grandparents, and all who care about the safety of our young people must work unceasingly to eliminate all government funding to Planned Parenthood—not just in Oregon but across the nation.