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One Simple Way You Can Save the Life of a Preborn Baby

By Rob Gasper

“I have a two-year-old granddaughter thanks to your literature.” — F. Bandiera (Waterbury, Connecticut)

“If it had not been for that [article in Celebrate Life Magazine], we are not sure that the baby, who is due in early summer, would still be alive.” — C. Pelletier (Fort Worth, Texas)

We hear stories like these all the time where hearts are touched by the gentle, persuasive, life-affirming articles found in ALL’s Celebrate Life Magazine. Our readers report leaving the magazine in doctors’ offices, in the back of churches, in the library—anywhere they think an expectant mother who needs to hear the message of life might find it.

It works. God uses us as His instruments to bring life and light into the world. We feel humbled that sometimes it is our magazine, shared by a reader, that becomes an instrument of grace.

The current issue of Celebrate Life Magazine features the inspiring story of gold-medal Paralympian Jessica Long. Judie Brown was so excited about this issue that she has directed that we offer it free of charge to anyone who wants a copy. Judie effused: “We are so excited to bring Jessica’s story to Celebrate Life Magazine’s readers! Jessica is a shining example of the truth that every human being’s life is precious, regardless of circumstances or disabilities. She is a ray of sunshine in the prevailing culture of darkness.”

Call ALL at 540-659-4171 to request your free issue. A number of back issues are also available, so ask for details. All we ask is that, after you finish reading it, you share your issue with someone else or place it where perhaps God might use it to save a life.

Working together, we can shine the light of the culture of life into the prevailing darkness.

Rob Gasper is a senior research analyst for American Life League and is the editor of ALL News.